He is the Lord & He is Not Done

20181107_065217by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2018

It has been a theme before in previous posts. To see and recognize God in our storms–not just for us but especially for those we love. For those we hold so closely in our hearts, where what happpens to them affects us because we love. It is a theme which bears repeating because as a result of our love we also hurt and God wants to remind us that He is ever there, never leaving or forsaking either them or us.

So here we go. Another look at our God who not only is in the storm, but still it. He alone. From here to eternity. Always. Forever.  He is our anchor for the soul. Ever firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19 reminds us.

There are those moments when we know that that in which we find ourselves enmeshed is so beyond our power. We always know we have no power, but in these times, we know it fiercely. We know it will take God’s hand to shift what seems to be. We know we are not equipped for that which we face.

We should feel aware like this at all times. But we do not. We should always be celebrating what we cannot do, but He can.

Despair comes when we have pinned our hopes on anything different or less than God’s plans. When we are desperate for Him to do what our hearts seek.

It is not wrong to have hopes, dreams and desires for ourselves and those we love and care about. But it is bondage when our hopes and dreams hold us captive to worry, anxiety, despair and fear in the waiting. We are called to a joyful hope. For confident trust in affliction. To peace in the storm.

Just as with the disciples who forgot Jesus continued to be aware and have a plan even when He was very much asleep in the boat in the midst of the storm, we need to remember God neither slumbers or sleep, really. And when we think He has not heard or seen, He very much has. He continues to reign and work through all of it. In the ones we love and in the circumstances we have ongoing around and beyond us.

We are told to let go. To give them to God. Perhaps in the midst of this, we would do well to simultaneously grab God’s hand and hold tightly to it. Perhaps our hope is found in being His child.  This is His call to us. This is that to which He invites.

He is not only our Gift to eternal life. He is our Gift now. He is the One to whom we cling. He is the One into whom we lean. He is our blessed support. He is the Lifter of our heads. He is the breath of peace which relieves that which presses down on us. We look to HIm. We are reminded who He is. The One who is Love and never fails us. Ever.

All the ones to whom we hold so tightly in the hope, in the hope, in the hope for all which the world tells us is required to have a “great” life are known by God and our concerns completely understood. It is not that He does not care. Nor is He slow to answer. But honestly His focus is not on these things. His principle focus is on the recapture of our hearts fully for Him.  Both the ones we love and ours.

He is looking. He is longing. He is working. He sees today. Yet it is eternity which consumes His attention because of His longing. Because as love He wants us. Ever one with Him. forever. Starting now and drawing closer without end.

There is also the grand paradox of how God works in this self-seeking fallen realm. He is the God who seeks us and has been seeking us. In fact, He never stops and will not. He also does not fail.

Yes, the grand paradox where He, He, He and He alone takes everything the adversary means for evil and uses it toward eternal good. He uses it like a seed which dies–like He Himself who died. Out of the most horrible situations. He already has the plan in place to bring life from this. Greater than we can imagine. Out of what seems like dust. The seed which is technically already dead, falls seemingly finished into the soil. There put away forgotten and in the dark, the water comes into the soil. Suddenly the nutrients which were always there around it are absorbable. The water softens the outer shell which accompanied the seed in its death. Then the miracle occurs. It is God! Only God! In a way unanticipated! By the touch of the water in a way which cannot be ultimately discerned a new life begins. It comes unstoppably forth out of that which appeared to be finished and had disappeared from view. By God’s power! By God’s miraculous, ever-seeking, ever-loving power. (Which is life.)

There in the hiddenness still new life begins to grow.  Roots first plunging down into the soil so that it can continue to take up what it needs via the nutrient dense water to grow and ultimately there will be a harvest. Many, many, many seeds from this one.

This is God’s way. He is never finished. Working through every storm. And so we hold tight to the anchor He is. Eyes on Him. Being the child. Letting Him lead. Steady. Leaning in. Not tottering. Today. Tomorrow. Blessed.

Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again, Rejoice!



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