PRAYER for the World 03/22/2020

photo taken of Sacred Heart of Jesus at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Los Angeles, CA on Oct 4, 2019

text and photo by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro copyright 2020

PRAYER for the World 03/22/2020
There is but one God, and You are He. We have but one hope and it is You. You ask us to come to You. You beckon and insist we bring our requests. This is because since You made us, You have designed to partner with us and through us to bring forth Your plans.

Holy One, how often we come to You with childlike delight asking for this or that which we think we want. And You delight to listen and then to answer. Your answers are sometimes inscrutable and we know this is because You are God. We are not.

But You say if we pray for what You will, then You will do it. You ask us to pray to Father and this prayer includes thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven. Hallelujah!! For this is our hope. And in You is our trust. Lord God, You love all. You love each and every one all around this planet You have created. Holy One, You are love. It is Your essence and this core attribute spills out in an unending stream of never-stopping, infinite, unfathomable mercy. We consider Your cross! The suffering You willingly, patiently, agonizingly endured for all of us!! This mercy is what we call on now. As Your children.

Evil is part of this world and thus suffering. But though You may accomplish eternal work through it, this suffering is not from You. Lord, there is an illness threatening the people You made and love on this planet. You know how to stop it.

We bow in confidence before You and not fear, for we know death is not our end, but we do humbly implore You, calling on Your grace, to stop this plague. Work through medical amd pharmaceutical professionals, work through nation partnering with nation. Do it in a way which surprises and astounds and causes people to recognize You as God, but help us Lord. In praying this we believe we are praying Your heart and that we are in Your will. In fact Your way demands that we pray for ome another. And so here we are.

You ask us to acknowledge You singularly as God and One who has the power. So here we are.

You ask us to trust You and not to fear. And so moment by moment we are laying this fear at Your feet and with emptied hands lifted in homage and praise, we say here we are.

We say where two or more are gathered there You are with us to answer our prayers. Here we are, choosing virtually to be together united, praying in Your name as Your allegiant workers ready to do whatever You ask.

We are not perfect, Lord. This is a key reason we rejoice in Jesus and His gift!! We need Your ongoing mercy and forgiveness. Especially for forgetting You and Your place. Yet we also know who You are. We do not want to be like this and ask Your Spirit to help to change us day by day from the inside out! Yet yet yet, Merciful One, in this moment, even as we ask You to clean us up, we bid You help us because mercy is Who You are.

Stop this disease. Do it in an usual or unusual way. Show us each what to do and not to do and when. Comfort the dying. Take those souls who have passed unto Yourself. Hold tightly the grieving in a way they can feel. Console the workers and keep giving them supernatural strength. There are many of them, Lord, in many fields. Guard their minds, hearts, spirit and bodies from the ravages of the disease, emotional toll and workload.

Help those of us who are well and know You to pick up the shield of faith to beat back the arrows of fear slung by the evil one. Show us pockets of opened time together with those now so closely around us or in our aloneness to be in Your Word, so that this sword of Truth is sharpened so we can fight back against negative thought attacks. Not with false hope but in confident trust given the reality of who You are.

You were pierced for our transgressions. You bled to death for love. This love poured out in Blood by Your Sacred Heart cannot be thwarted! You do not fail! Where the enemy comes against us like a flood there You are there bringing Your answer in unusual ways.

Lord, in this moment for such a time as this, we call on the power released as Your Blood fell drop by drop as You were tortured, condemned, carried Your cross and were crucified. At the first Passover, the Angel of Death passed over those homes which had the blood of a spotless lamb smeared over the doorpost. Those within were spared and given more time to live. Though we will all someday die, we ask You, Lord, for more time for the many. By Your Spirit and in the authority You give us, You are THE SPOTLESS LAMB of GOD and we apply Your Blood and its ongoing power unto belonging and life onto the doorposts of our hearts and petition You to enable this for each one in the world. Lord, save Your people for now. Give them more time. For their hearts being drawn further unto You and for Your glory. (That all would know You are God.)

We are asking and will keep asking until we see Your gracioua response. And we will worship You in the waiting. For in every moment and through everything, You remain God, Savior and Lord. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit we pray all this is Your Name and adore You. Amen

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