Breakthrough Prayer on Good Friday 2018

June 25, 2011 sunrise; elizabeth burgard fulgaro copyright 2011
Lord, You gave all for us though we have done nothing to deserve it. The place of Your suffering and sacrifice is the place of our redemption. We rejoice in Your cross and bow humbly in thanksgiving for the incomprehensible gift of Your love.

March 30, 2018

Prayer humbly written out by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro ©2018, as led by the Holy Spirit (as “heard” interiorly) and posted here for those called to pray in one accord. Our God calls us to pray. He hears. And answers.

Today, Lord, is the day in 2018 that we commemorate Your death (JESUS!) for us. Lord, I can feel Your power and Your victory in the atmosphere. It is ominous and great. It is beyond all knowing, beyond our grasp, and at the same time palpable and there, real and extraordinary.

Lord God, You are King. It didn’t matter that they killed You–murdered You. You remained King. If possible, You increased in Your kingship over all because its as if progressively all things came even more under Your feet. You have always had dominion, but now after the cross, the super (not supreme) other powers knew. Now forever, the superpowers were dis-empowered.

It looked as if You were nothing. It looked as if You were the lie. But through this impossible event, where God appeared dead (killed!), You laughed and Your wisdom rose victorious as Life unstoppable because nothing can overcome Your power. Nothing can halt its forward flow. Nothing.

You have always been and always will be. You are over all and all things belong to You.  Peope and angelic beings can choose to turn from You and You let them, but this does not diminish Your victory.

It is an aspect and a sign of Your unending, unfathomable, unbelievable, infinite, uncreated, always-has-been, always-will-be, unchanging way.

We are small and weak, and think we are so great. Yet, we are so afraid. We cower and draw back from that which seems to threaten us and those we love. And the threat is real, but for Your love.

Your love is the Source. Your love is the power over all in all through the universe and beyond it. You love is an inner-working,  outward-radiating force, resplendent and undiminishable, which captivates those who encounter it so they want nothing else.

Your love is the creating force and the redeeming force , the healing force and the restoring force. This love is unity. It exists in the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for You are separate and together in love always. In union. You invite us in love to dwell in You as love, but not alone–with each other with, and in You.

Your love out-radiating from one furnace of love. Father for Son, Son for Father. And the power of the Holy Spirit within, spiraling unceasingly outward and captivating us, one by one.

We gaze at You, for You alone quiet our hearts, instill Your peace, pour out unspeakable joy, heal our wounds and draw us near, because through you, that which we have done, which has broekn relationship is forgiven. We see Your love for us.

Of this love we gradually become more aware, and we see Your love for them–for allof them. Each one. None mission. You see each one in the wholeness for which You designed him or her. You see their current broken state and weep with those who weep, and You know always and already how You want to draw them (each one) to Yourself now and forever.

You invite us–You call us–one by one as we get to know You, to enter the fight, to begin to rise the ranks (not of stature or position because you value us each equally but of increasing ability to see and know with Your overview).  We become more purified progressively as we gaze at You. We understand Your kingdom more and its unestimable worth, and we want to be even more in alignment to You. You have become and are becoming still all we want and all we need.

Lord God, tonight is not just Good Friday, when we remember Your passion and death on the cross. This year, it is also the first night of Passover–the feast first given to prepare a people to receiv You and all You desired to bring, not just to them, but to all of us together.

Holy One, “once in a blue moon” is what people say when they are speaking of something rare. Tomorrow night 3/31/2018 is a Blue Moon. March 2018 (3/18) is one of those rare months when there are two full moons in one month.

Once in a blue moon. A night–a weekend–to remember You died for love of us, You were in the tomb and in hell for us, and then You rose.

Once in a blue mooon.  Final day of the month of 3’s. 3 for Trinity. 3 for the day You rose and the possibility of Life again for all began in earnest. 3 for the third day in which we find ourselves.

There is such unprecedented worship and prayer rising for Thursday through Resurrection Sunday (even since Palm Sunday) and for Passover.  Love rising in the little way we know how, knowing Your power as redeeming love is radiating out and pouring forth in a flood in response.

We are so faulty, but You died so we can come before You in prayer like this. We join the angels and saints who have gone before, who are already in heaven and we cry, Breakthrough, God.

Breakthrough. On this night, which is the expression of Your extreme love, breakthrough in hearts for restored relationship with You and with each other everywhere.

Breakthrough. Be seen. Be known. Bring the change which shifts a generation–many hearts at a time.

This is Your day. You made it. Season of love. Begun on Valentine’s this year to remind us of the extraordinary supremacy of Your love.

With You there are no coincidences or randomness. You are intentional and You have given some of us eyes to see.

The intercessors have been cryingout. The families and friends mourning.

Breakthrough. The enemy has been vanquished. Show it by release of an extraordinary amount of Your love.

Holy Spirit fire, whet appetites and sear hearts. Turn lives on their head and usher in transformation. It is Your time. It is Your season. Praying with You in one accord. Amen!

Beloved Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit! You reign!



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Contemplating Christmas

Lord, You are the gift and the Giver of all good gifts. There is no greater gift - no greater love.  We look to You, bow to You and adore You with all the angels in heaven and those who have gone before.
Lord, You are the gift and the Giver of all good gifts. There is no greater gift – no greater love. We look to You, bow to You and adore You with all the angels in heaven and those who have gone before.

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2012

Why do we embrace the season and idea of Christmas like we do, decorating, hosting gathering, wrapping gifts and seeking to pour out love on others?  What is it our spirits yearn for as this time of year approaches?  The surface story prompting the celebration is simple and not especially beautiful.  A husband and wife are mandated by an unfriendly and oppressive government forcibly occupying their land, to make a journey to be counted. This meant the man – a carpenter by trade and by no means wealthy (probably living on income generated project by project) – will not be able to work and earn for the duration of the mandated journey.  And the woman is heavy with child in the thick of the discomfort and weariness of the final trimester of pregnancy.

They arrive after days of travel at their prescribed destination, but all the places where travelers could stay are full.  His wife is now in labor. The birth of the child is imminent.  With no clean place to stay or midwife to assist, she gives birth to her son among the filth of a completely unsanitary environment within a stable or cave (dependent upon the account).  Without anything with her to provide for Him, but swaddling clothes, she lays Him in an animal feed trough as a make-shift crib. There is nothing romantic about the Savior of the world being born according to God’s perfect plan into poverty and lack, unnoticed by the majority of those for whom He left His heavenly throne.

No, the beauty of Christmas is not the surface story.  The magnificence and appeal of Christmas is the hope which this story represents.  This baby is Jesus, whose name means God saves. This baby is Jesus, prophesied as the coming Messiah to deliver and save His people. 

Few even knew He was born, yet He was this One, whom God sent.  And as became apparent after His heinous death (which in the moment seemed to wipe out any hope of Him fulfilling what He came to do), we learned His destiny was different than we thought and more wonderful than anyone could have imagined.  Jesus did not leave his eternal throne in heaven to be born, live and die as a criminal though innocent to free one nation on earth from oppression of another, leaving us condemned to a difficult existence here which would end in eternal death and continued separation from God.  Jesus humbled Himself, left His throne, gave up His will for the will of the Father, obeyed letting the people less than He execute Him, so that all those from every nation who so chose could be free from the curse of eternal separation from God and be reunited into His heavenly presence forever.

We need to pause, contemplate and grasp this for a moment. The God who created the universe, who decided how all should be, loves us so much He created us to be with Him.  Even after our ancestors set the tone by rejecting Him and choosing their own way, His love prevails. Through Jesus He made a way for us to be reunited into His goodness.  Forever.

Each of us was born with a need to be valued and loved. God values us and loves us perfectly, completely, infinitely and unconditionally.  The question is whether we will choose to love Him back.  Because Jesus humbled himself and walked out the not-easy life the Father laid out before Him (which did not lead to earthly riches, power or fame, but led to the cross, humiliation, rejection, condemnation, mocking and scorning by the world’s people and leaders, we have the hope of an eternity in His presence so good and fulfilling it defies description utilizing mere human forms of expression.

This is the joy of Christmas – the prostrate thanksgiving to God in the increasing awareness that He loves us this much. The spirit of Christmas attempts to re-create this sacrificial giving of self for the sake of others through gifts, hospitality and festive celebrations. Yet, we cannot out-give the Giver. 

Oh, come!  Let us adore Him!

Eagles Nest Foundation , Inc.

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