Decorating My Heart With His Joy

Holy Baby, come to set us free. In love descending, in love never-ending Your care for souls from here to eternity.  We are awestruck at Your majesty and how You love and come to rest today and every day in You.


by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2016

Outside cold rain pouring down. Certainly in the mountains it is snowing. Unusual rain. Unusual temperatures. Actually a sense of autumn. I love the rain and its coolness and wish it could be thus every year.

Normally in our part of Northern California, October is hot and dry (long after we are ready for autumn rain and cooler temperatures) and November is temperate, often still too warm to feel like autumn completely dry. It is not common to have lots of rain in autumn or for the temperatures to feel like fall. Our autumn is usually one of bold and bronze colors but not of the cooler temperatures usually associated with how   one imagines the season should be.

This year we have autumn. Unusual rains and cooler temperatures in October and now a rainy, cold Thanksgiving. And the Holy Spirit is reminding me of His message in the rain and storms.

Oh, Lord, thank You for autumn and with the faith of being Your child, I say thank You, Lord, for storms which bring Your water into the spiritual deserts of hurting, dry hearts so seeds long thought dead can finally sprout and Your new life can come forth!

We received devastating news about someone we love the day before Thanksgiving.

As in everyday there is a choice to be made. Is God truly God or is He not? In my twenties I lived ten years in the place where I didn’t see how God could be real. Yet during those years when I chose to be absent from Him, I was dying without Him. No joy. No true peace. I was floundering to figure things out on my own and to make sense of it all even while I tried to stand resolute, firm and brave. But I was on a faulty foundation.

I returned 25+ years ago to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (the perfect representation of Father and the One who requested the Holy Spirit for us). This means by definition of faith, I do not have HIM all figured out. Yet, I have been witness to repeating, increasing evidence of God at work especially through what seem to be the worst circumstances. He never fails to work through all things to bring for the breakthrough, life and LIFE.

We are broken, imperfect humans, living broken, imperfect lives where we often make unwise choices which can lead to horrible consequences for us and those around us.

And though with us providing His blessing through all things, God’s greatest gifts are eternal in nature and He uses what we consider life’s worst to get others as well as us in position to receive His eternal blessings (which begin now).

The unusual rain is impetus to keep listening for what God wants. In addition, also in this unusual rain I sense His promise. It is His promise of restoration, increased life and LIFE if we will stay the course and seek to walk in His specific will.

When we first became aware of the direction things had actually taken for the one we love, it was Christmas Eve 2015 for me. The Lord nudged me that this revelation was part of my Christmas gift. At first, this just seemed cruel and unlike God. That is, until we recognize once again that it’s often through these things which seem so awful, that He is bringing His gifts. Through the storm, He is answering prayers and growing our spiritual muscle. We receive the gift of increased intimacy with Him while He is about the deep work of answering our prayers. This is because often when we have prayed for someone, only He has down the depth and expanse of what is needed to answer these prayers.

I have prayed what I call, “The Ugly Prayer” for those I love:

“Lord, take the ones I love wherever they need to go in life in order to come into the fullness of what you have for them and so they can walk out the God-given assignments You have for them.”

I meant it when I prayed this prayer even though I was completely aware that what I was praying for would not be answered by everything being easy and positive for those I loved. It would mean pitfalls and exposed weak spots which He would then lovingly tend to and shore up on Him the Rock and right foundation.

I could not pray the other prayer which was always so tempting: “Lord, protect the ones I love from everything which could harm them and let nothing bad happen in their lives.” This was not a prayer the Lord could answer the same way. Here remains earth and not heaven. There will be no escape from difficulties. Answer to this prayer would not bring us into the potential richness God had for us–into those blessed places where we must choose to let Him be God and grow us or not.

We live in a broken, fallen world with broken, faulty people who will affect themselves and others in ways which are not always right or good. Here will never be heaven. Ever. Human wisdom and way fails over and over through all generations.

So now in the midst of a raging storm, am I going to cower in fear, cry out in panic or give up in despair and become crippled by it? Has God changed? Is He still King over all on His throne? Have any of His promises been nullified?

No, God remains God and faithful. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, I will remain in Him, gazing at Him, singing His praises. He always has been and remains my singular hope. It is on His strength, power, wisdom, way and promises which I rely. His joy is my strength and in who He is and what He promises is my ongoing joy in spite of what I can see. I will sing His praises through it all and never stop, for I know who He is:

My Lord, You are Victor. You are never done. My Lord, You are Creator and Father who loves those I love even more than I do. My Lord, You are sovereign and nothing thwarts Your purposes. My Lord, Your purpose is eternal union with You because You are love. Heavenly One, Your love is unstoppable and supreme beyond defining. You are always Victor, my Savior and King. You, Lord, are the Shepherd who tends to very sheep. Because You are love, Your searching does not cease. You came to a manger, to show us the Father. Your love never ending, our Lamb and High Priest.

I either believe in Him or I don’t and He has shown me too much evidence of who He is and how He works not to believe. The enemy brings storms to destroy. God uses the storms to usher in His Living Water—Life comes forth through the storms.

So what am I to do? Will I crumble in the face of what I see for these waves are dangerously high? Or will I choose to continue to walk on water as He calls me, with eyes only for Him because my Lord calls me out. When He is resting in my boat will I panic, thinking He doesn’t notice the storm or rely on Him to know and bring it to cease and be still at His proper time (after His objectives have been accomplished).

My goal is to be in His will. My goal is to remain in Him receiving His joy and peace. This means I will choose to rejoice, give Him glory and rely on Him in this place.

The last few years I have decorated for Christmas less and more slowly. It has seemed like something which could easily get out of hand and in our exuberance—actually distract from focus on Jesus who came without worldly decorations or fanfare (even as heaven rejoiced).

But this year, in this excruciatingly hard place, I will walk by faith and as an expression of trust in Him, I will let nothing steal His gift of joy. Therefore as a symbolic expression of trust and commitment to be engaged in the party, I will decorate already today and enter into the celebration of my current and coming King, in thanksgiving for Who He has always been, is and will be.

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It Was Evil and I Will Heal

You bring life and goodness out of that which was meant to kill and bring death. It is the victorious way of Your cross.

Dear Reader: Lately the prophetic words have been more frequent than usual.  I apologize for a full Inbox!  But He wants these words released for the ones for whom they are intended.  Use discernment.  His Spirit will guide you.~ Elizabeth


Please remember, when the Holy Spirit “downloads” a word, it either will resonate with you or it will not.  No one prophetic word is for every person. But there are some for whom God had intended this.  I am human and imperfect.  Please always pray before you read and as you read. And this is my prayer for you: ”LORD, please lead each reader perfectly and cause them to receive and remember, only that which is from You for them.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.” ~ Elizabeth

I know you cannot make sense of it.  Evil is not something which can be reconciled with good.  It does not make sense.   It will never make sense, for evil has no place in My Kingdom.  And yet it has happened.

Evil is.  Evil will always exist during this life – not where you will be with Me in eternity – but here, now.  Adam and Eve made a choice.  Evil has a certain dominion in this world and certainly a power greater than yours because of Adam and Eve’s choice.  I use it for good, for I allow this to give you a choice – a clear choice.  You decide whether I will rule in your life or something less, something opposite.  You can choose clearly now for you recognize evil.  You have seen it in operation.  You have lived it.

Here will never be heaven.  Here will always be temporary with evil seeking to overcome My good.  But know I am victorious.  I have always been.  Nothing will thwart My good, eternal purposes, though in the moment you may see and experience things which make you ultra aware of the evil which is in your midst.

It sorrows Me that your circumstances have made you so aware of evil and so keenly aware that you are not safe on your own.  I do not delight in your pain!  I created you for beauty and inner peace!  But now that you are aware I am calling you closer.  I am your Dwelling Place and Refuge.  I am your Sanctuary and High Tower.

I do not promise you a life without end in your physical body.  There will be a time, when it is your time to die.  But do not fear.  DO NOT FEAR!  I am with you even until the end of this age.  I am with you at all times, if you will let Me in.  I am with you protecting and providing for you, enabling everything good until the day I call you home to Me forever.  DO NOT FEAR THE DAY OF YOUR PHYSICAL DEATH!  It is the beginning of your new life in eternity.  In heaven, the day I bring you home will be a day of celebration.  I am waiting to put a crown on your head and tell you personally how well pleased I am with you.

Will you believe in Me? Will you trust Me?  Will you trust Me to bring you through these dark valleys and to cause you to walk on My higher ground where there is safety?  Will you let Me teach you to deal with the memories of that which no person should ever have to see, hear or experience?

That which has come against you was fueled by supernatural evil which was greater than you, but less than I AM.  I was with you through it. I wept tears of love when I saw what was done.

Yet, My forgiveness is there for everyone who turns to Me and asks.  I forgive and forget and My mercy knows no bounds.  I comfort all who mourn and I AM faithful to fulfill My promise to bring eventual good with eternal consequences out of all of it.

You will find no way of reconciling that which has been except through Me.  My ability to use it all for purpose, redeeming that which should never have been is your only solution.

I am the only One who can heal your heart with a greater understanding of My Way. I do this in a manner which increases your compassion and the life and love for others which I desire to burn within you. All other manners of healing which do not include Me and a greater understanding of My way lead to inner death and petrify the love which could flow through you to touch the world.

You were created to love, not to hate.  You were created to rest in Me with the trust of a child, not to fear.  You were created to move in My mercy and compassion to bring the truth of My eternal, everlasting, infinite restorative power into the dark places.  You are not responsible whether they hear you.  You are not responsible for their choices and behavior. But I can use you with your wounds to love more, if you only will take courage, trust and press in for more of Me.

I am your answer. I will be here for you.  I will love you on good days and on bad.  I will be your Comforter and Healer.  I will never leave.  My love will not stop.  Will you come to Me and not stop coming?  My arms are ever open to you.

humbly written down as “heard” on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2012


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Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Counselor with a heart for helping Christians understand and steward their finances God’s way. 

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