Only Jesus Remains– 5.Dark Christmas

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro copyright 2020

Oct 22 to Jan 6 reflections from an upcoming book for tending hurting hearts at Christmas

In the dark, when you cannot yet see the new day’s approach, there may be temptation to stay under the blankets and not move. Because, what if? What if that toward which you think He is directing is not where things are going at all? What if that in which you hope is actually hopeless? What if what you thought God was saying is myth?  A figment. Merely imagined. What if He isn’t really saying anything at all? What if all that upon which you placed hope is as nothing?

 A Light shines in the darkness…the Light of the world and the darkness has not and shall not over come it. Like the sun which in some ways remind of aspects of Jesus, indeed He will rise and make Himself more evident. He is not silent. He is leading.  It is just here in the darkness before the dawn you cannot see. Where fear can creep in. But fear is not usually how God speaks. Fear and its anxiety are generally sourced in hell, not heaven. The day is coming, which will be filled with His Light and then you will see clearly.

Yet for now, there are those times when how you are inside does not match the festivities outside.  This is agony at first. A place He is loving stripping away the lessor trappings of the holidays. This is how He takes you to Himself.  The process is not simple or “fluffy” fun. It is edgy. It cuts. There is a sharpness to it. A vividness to the pain due to this particular season which is unwelcome because what was relied on for meaning is no longer there as it was.

He made you with emotions.  He made you to love because He is love and you are made in His image. He knows where you are is painful and potentially confusing.  There may be doubt and uncertainty. You may feel pressed down on by outside forces or feel discouraged and hopeless because of your current situation. There may be an excruciating awareness that life will never be the same. And truthfully, it may not.

You are normal. God is with you.  God expects your anguish. He knows there is pain there. He knows! He specifically does not expect you to be brave in a way that pretends the pain is not, but for you to be honest. You are to come toward Him and keep on coming. Do not stop.

He puts no demands on you for this holy-day season except perhaps one. He wants you to come to Him.   Turn to Him where you are and as you are. Meet Him at the manger with all of this honestly bared. He is ready for your frustrations. They are welcomed. There you can let it out as if beating on His spiritual chest. You are not surprising Him. He sees. He knows.  He can take it. He loves you.

What is the guttural, honest question in you that you need to lay before Him today and wait emptied for Him to eventually fill you will His answer? With what do you need to entrust Him until the answer comes, so that here before the dawn—before you can see or understand–you can dare to come out from under the covers and prepare for the unstoppable increased coming of the Son.

Lord, sometimes I want to hide from what is as well as that which might not come to pass. The uncertainty can be unbearable some days. And yet, I know that is not Your message to me in this season. If I will choose to lift my eyes to You, You promise me a different view. So here I am. Spirit continue to empty me of that which hinders greater understanding. Give me Your strength to be brave. And fill me then that refreshing which comes from comprehending more Your heart which will quench my deep inner thirst and cause joy to well up like a fountain until it overflows. 

17 The poor and needy are seeking water when there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. I the Lord will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.

18 I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

Isaiah 41:17-18 AMPC

29 But if from there you will seek (inquire for and require as necessity) the Lord your God, you will find Him if you [truly] seek Him with all your heart [and mind] and soul and life.

Deuteronomy 4:29 AMPC

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Author: Elizabeth Fulgaro

I am a God-seeker--a Jesus-worshipper--a Holy Spirit follower. I create songs, devotions, prayers, books and Bible studies to give words with which to get to know God more. For you. Its for one-on-One encounter unto transformed, transcendent living. This is not my vocation. I am not professional. I am a real, ordinary person just looking to do what God put me here to do. (You have a unique purpose too.) So I am called to the work. It is not my income source, but my gift to those who find it blessing. Eagles Nest Foundation sponsors all projects for you. The result: pure, clean spiritual nutrition to feed that deep insatiable spiritual hunger which eventually overtakes each of us and galvanizes you to the life God has for you. This life is purposeful. Exceptional. You--yes, you--are called to something greater and more satisfying in His service. So it is hoped you'll try this spiritually dense nutrition and find it to be a personal blessing. However, the goodness of God-following doesn't stop there. He uses those who seek Him to be His love and care (justice, mercy, advocate, kindness) very tangibly in the lives of those around you. Not by your power but by His. His ideas. God ideas. Not just good ideas. To be part of changing the world, if you will let Him. You learn to just follow where He leads. That if you listen, He will teach you to hear His voice and then when you obey His inner promptings you will become His incredible hands and feet in this hard world. These materials will help! They will help you aim your life towards God in a way you never look back. You will not be the same. He will become the River in your desert spaces and you will become a conduit of this same River of refreshing, replenishing Water of Life to others. Find a prayer. Pick a blog post. Read a book. Be led deeper into the Bible. Select a song which resonates and use it and use it again to go close and ever closer to the God who longs to draw you near. Oh, and don't be tempted to think I'm a crazy over-spiritualized loony...My background is financial planning and counseling. Almost 40 years of it. To choose to believe in God is not to leave practicality and reason behind, but to learn that there is that which goes beyond it and includes it, unto true life fulfillment beyond all your dreams for the one who keeps seeking Him. I am a third generation Californian. I am a person to whom family means everything. The only priority higher is God. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada are my home. It is here the 1849-1856 Gold Rush is still glorified. Easy money? Actually only for the few. Even though I was raised in the Church, it took me ten years of doubting God even existed to realize that without Him, no matter how much of this life's "stuff" is accumulated, I actually have nothing. To come to know that all those who chased after gold are dead and all those who still chase stuff will be dead. That's when I became a God-seeker. Looking for that more. And Eureka! (This is California's state slogan and means I found it.) I found God...or rather, I discovered He was there and had been there waiting for me to look for Him the whole time. May you discover more of Him for you, greater flourishing life and greater flourishing for all in the world as well. God bless you! ~Elizabeth

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