In the Storm

text and photo by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro copyright 2020

Storms are natural. They are part of the seasons. An aspect of this mortal human existence on this planet. Storms tend to wake us up out of our complacency and re-awaken us to our own vulnerability. Which was always there, but we like to find ways to pretend is not. When we have faith in God, He promises to be there with us through every storm. However, He does not promise to eliminate the storm. And He does not promise no consequences from it. He tells us not to worry, because we can rely on Him, but at the same time….reminds us that each day will, will, will have troubles of its own…(Matt. 6:34)

What are we supposed to do with this? He calls us to pray, yet not worry. This may be a different type of prayer than that to which we are accustomed. We pray in an awareness of many aspects, including these four: God is in control; there is a supernatural battle swirling around us at all times (and God is greater); God calls us to partner with Him in prayer for release of His power for His will in all circumstances; in this world we will have many troubles (and God is with us unto eternity through them).
Thus how to reconcile these. Perhaps it is to both pray forward what the Lord lays on our hearts–to partner with Him to pray for His move in those things which He lays most on our hearts–AND simultaneously to release all expectations. To lay it all at His feet. Put it into His hands. Release everything to Him for Him to move according to His will. Sometimes it will seem as if evil is winning. Sometimes evil does win a battle. But never the war.

Consider the cross. There is no way the murder of Jesus Christ could be seen as a win for God in the moment. To all present and all those who had fled into hiding–to each one who had known, believed and loved Him–the murder of Jesus had to have seemed like the end. Yet, yet, yet what the adversary does use for evil, God works through to bring His eternally-minded good. Eternally-minded. Even though sometimes the current events are horrible…

Our eyes are so focused on here and now. We grieve. We weep! We fear. We are like little children thrilled with what is less and even as the Lord delights in us, He knows He is leading us through it all to more.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of here and now and valuing the relationships. He made us for one another! He gives us gifts in the midst! He expects us to love and to grieve and to mourn when there is loss. He made us in His image. He made us to love! If we love, then we will also mourn.

If we lift our eyes to Him and let Him continually feed us with His eternal view where there will be messes and yuck and horror and hardship (where this life is never mistaken for heaven), then He can strengthen us through this storm. He can help you to stand firm in the midst with His armor on, while it rages around you. Hands emptied of expectations and heads bowed in united prayer, even as you then take the courage to raise those hands in abandoned worship. Trusting Him through the worst to bring His ultimate best not just for your life but for each one. (Yes, because He loves each one equally.) He will answer our prayers. The storm will end. In the meantime–

Lord, our times are in Your hands. Our trust is in You. Even in this storm because You are, we dare to rejoice. And give You thanks. Especially for Your action and presence and care because of love in the places where we cannot see. We trust in You. Lord, please let this storm pass at Your earliest moment. For now, please continue the work of healing bodies and hearts and of protecting those who so need it in this hour. Thank You. In Your mighty, wonderful, precious Name, Amen.




God’s Wisdom is more precious than gold.This blog by Elizabeth Fulgaro helps readers discover God’s way versus the world’s one “nugget” at a time.

Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Financial Counselor and Financial Coach (FFC) with a heart for helping people know and encounter God more.

For more information on books, worship albums, Bible studies and teachings written by Elizabeth Fulgaro  please visit . Her book called: Truth-Spiritual Manual for Battle now available on Music can be purchased and audio clips heard at and on itunes and Spotify.

Elizabeth also posts brief devotions and prayers on Facebook on her page: Spiritual Armor and Ammo where you will find more posts of God’s truth and His way to help you stand strong against the battles of this life in which we all find ourselves.

Elizabeth is the Founder of Eagles Nest Foundation which provides spiritual support & encouragement to military and military families as well as those in physical and emotional battles (such as cancer, long-term illness) as well as those grieving a loss.    For information email or visit

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