PRAYER in the midst


photo and text by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2020

Lord, today we are aware that we do not know. At this moment we know we cannot see accurately. We understand that we are not in control. We never were in control. But today we are reminded. It is put before us that life will not always follow the path which we have come to expect as normal. And it is okay. The certainty we thought was there was always a myth anyway.
Today, we give thanks for the unknowing and the reminder that it is only upon You that we can rely. What gift! And how easily forgotten and set aside. Today, we pick it up again. This trust which must rely on You for alll things. And it is good.
This is not a blind trust that squeezes eyes tightly shut and hopes and hopes nothing bad happens. Things that we consider hard and horrible, painful and which cause deep mourning will happen. But You are with us through it.
Thank You for the reminder that this is not heaven and never will be. Thank You for the heads up that every moment in this wilderness we sometimes cling to too much, we are simply travelers on assignment as ambassadors on the way through. Until You bring us home. To where we have always belonged. In Your perfect moment.
All around us there is fear. When we belong to You and seek to follow You, there is nothing to fear. The worst which can happen is death and we know what lies beyond that (and it is good).
Thus, in this place where we would rather not be, we can lift our hands in prayer and praise, but we need not panic. Spirit, You remain there to guide us.
Lord, in Your love You see every need and have put each of us in places wehre if we will listen and obey, You will flow through us to bring Your kindness and comfort to the circles into which You have allowed us to be during what is a difficult and scary time for many all over the world. Thank You also for the change of pace, which causes us to look up from how we generally rush around in our own thoughts. Now there is a moment to pause. Thank You. And consider. This is generally unwanted, yet there is a gift in it.
Lord, in this time and place, we ask You to forgive us for being afraid. You are not angry at our anxiousness. We are Your beloved children and the thunder and lightning of the news can be scary. You are there to hold us tightly and carry every burden if You will let us. And so we are here looking to You. Looking at You. Majesty. Wonder. Awe. Remembrance of who You are and Your promises in every age. And Your comfort comes like a blanket for You are and remain. We are safe in You.
Lord, help us to come to rest in You right now (which is that to which You invite). All of this is not a surprise to You. How do You want us to utilize each moment of these different days? What would You like to teach us? How would You like to use us? What do You have to say to us which will help us be even better and more emptied-out, peace-filed, overflowing with Your love vessels for You no matter what is going on around us. Peace in every storm. Your peace, Lord. And at Your perfect moment You will tell this storm, too, to be still. And it will. Meanwhile, You are stilll here and still at work as Comforter, Teacher and gentle, loving Guide. Thank You, that when there is nothing else, You remain. Truly all we want and all we need. The rest will unfold with the passage of days and still You will remain. You are our forever. In the mighty, precious, magnificent Name of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, Amen
Northern California, March 17, 2020
#nofear #COVD19 #faithfilledlife #antidoteisJesus
photo and text by Elizabeth Fulgaro copyright 2020



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Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Financial Counselor and Financial Coach (FFC) with a heart for helping Christians understand and steward their finances God’s way. 

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