Morning Prayer of Awe, Thanksgiving and Consecration

P1030687 (2)by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2018

Holy Lord, to begin the day with praise for You is sweetest joy. To revel in Your sovereignty and bow down to Your majesty.  In You all riches are found and life’s only abundance. There is no other true or lasting joy. Your love spirals out unceasingly in Your unstoppable all-good plan. There is no other flourishing except through life in You.

What the adversary means for evil, You use for good even unto Your  magnificent sacrifice of Yourself on the cross.  The cross was a plan born in evil, twisted, power-hungry, self-righteous minds.  But God, You knew. And You were not done. In Your dominion where no one and nothing is ever above You (You cannot be out-witted), You took the enemy’s most heinous moments, plotted and executed against You as King of kings, to usher in Your plan to restore eternal life to all of us. To me. Death encroaching could not have its way. For through the death, resurrection life gushed forth. Like new life bursts forth from seeds as winter moves into spring and gives birth to a voluminous harvest far beyond itself, thus by this ultimately failed plot, countless now through innumerous generations can receive this same resurrection life. You gave Your life for each and every one… For me…

Though it appeared all was lost, You used the enemy’s own design in Your greater, omnipotent, omniscient design of immense, transcendant, transforming good.  You remained Conqueror. You are always Victor. You do not fail. Evil remains, but it is passing away.  Because of You, this is certain.

Gentle Shepherd, You lead as a Guide through all of it to bring Your sheep (every single one) into fullness of life in You and with You now and forever.

What the enemy means for evil You use for good. What the enemy means for evil, You use for good!

Evil is real. Hearts ache. Injustice is.

Yet there You are with us–with me–having sweat Your own drops of blood and stretched out Your arms to receive the unjust, humiliating, excruciating nails in Your hands. There You were and remain as Comforter, wrapping Your great, supernatural, spiritual arms around each of us, often through the arms of others and sometimes via angels who come alongside. You weep with me as I weep and oh-so-graciously moment by moment, You get me through.

You made me to love and so there are times tears fall, but I am never alone. You are not done. Your redemption unto eternity and sweet, forever reunions lie ahead.

Your ways are inscrutable. You remain unknown even as You allow Yourself to be partially known.  You came down to allow encounter with You. You came down to allow Yourself to be seen. (JESUS!)  You came down so that You can be in me (Spirit) and I can live in You.

My refuge. My hiding place. My high tower and sanctuary. My dwelling place…Every moment Every day. No matter what. You are!

And in this moment even now there is a waterfall of Your grace pouring out to give me strength to carry on, especially when the path for the day’s journey is arduous. When I cry out because I stumble and get so weary, You take the rocky roads before me and You make level paths. Then in those moments when despite all my attempts at ardent faith and best intentions, it just becomes too much for me, You carry me through.

Held close to Your chest, You let me encounter the heartbeat of Your love. Sometimes this is subconscious and sometimes this is conscious. You enable me to survive. To keep going. Even when there can be moments I’m not sure I want to.  Holy, mighty, loving, kind, gracious God.

Your love reigns. Your love supercedes. Your love wins. Eternity in reach because You are and nothing can stop You.

Pain will end. At Your appointed time. Grief will dissipate because You care and You came down. Sorrow, disillusionment and horror at the moment are never lasting because You created me to be ever living with You, who have always been everlasting.

You and only You are my life, my love and my hope. Because of who You are.  No human words adequate to tell You.  Yet and yet with childlike wonder, abject reverence and unspeakable gratitude I say, thank You that You are.

I am Yours. Lead on. I will go rejoicing because all, all, all trust is in You. Gentle Shepherd, Holy One, I love you.



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