PRAYER: I Love You, O LORD, My Strength

IMG01033-20111002-1432 (2)I love You, oh Lord my Strength for that is what You are. There is no other strength besides or beyond Yours. You are my everything. You made us so we are not able to carry the burdens of the world. But then neither do we have to. We are not even supposed to. You are.

We keep looking for here to be heaven, but it’s just not and never will be. There is such a battle afoot here—such an onslaught and we miss our ability to understand if we don’t recognize the battle.

Holy, infinite One, You are with us in this and You are so far beyond it. None of that which shakes us to our core, shakes You at all for You are not surprised. Through it You reign and bring Your victory through Your victorious, conquering love.  The enemy smashes and wreaks havoc and destruction. You cause eternal life to rise from it. This is Your goal. Life by Your, through You, in You and for You. This is success: a life turned to You recognizing Your Godhead and seeking to follow (never perfectly, but in abject humility, grateful for Your supremacy and constant leading. There is no other success.  Every other striving fades.

You work through all things. All things. Your efforts never stop. No. You are not surprised at the enemy’s strategies. You simply turn these against Him eventually to bring Your victory, which is reconciliation with You, restoration and life into many hearts.

Love unstoppable. Love unconquerable. Love, which contains all dominion and uses this only for eternal good.  Love ever-vigilant. Love always compassionate.  Walking with us through the worst (because You Yourself have been there for love of us), and carrying us when necessary.

Reveal to me more of You today. Cause me by Your Spirit’s work not to miss Your voice. Lead me in the way You would have me go in spite of circumstances around me and for those I love. Reign in me. Ravage me with Your truth. Conquer me with realizations of Your awesome wonder and majesty. For these and these alone, buoy me up with resiliency for today.  You ask me to stand firm and watch the deliverance You will bring. You promise to beat back the adversary’s advances and bury this enemy who pursues to destroy, beneath the same sea that You part for me and my family.

But I can only stand firm long enough to see Your victory with the unveiling of Your majesty before my eyes. With a vision of heaven’s throne room where You are at its center and the joy of all those who have gone before reverberating in unceasing worship through the atmosphere. You are where my help comes from. From You. You are where the only true purpose is found—uniting my heart to Yours. Your joy is my strength. Your confidence and unwavering resolve is the Rock upon which I stand. From here through eternity Your love does not fail.

This is one of Your most foundational promises. You say You love all beyond what I will ever grasp. I can and must rely on this. Your perspective, Lord. Your view. So much more than from here to natural death. Eternity. Reunion. With You where we will hunger and thirst no more for we will be finally, fully satiated in Your presence. Justice. Mercy. All because You are love unstoppable. All confidence is in You. Glorious and victorious.  All hope is in You, holy Repairer of every breach, because You, too long for and work for this eternal, blissful reunion through all things. Yes, through all things.

I can do nothing without You. Keep my eyes on You. Keep my eyes on Your vision for our future. Help me guard my heart, mind and thoughts to keep them captive to Your heart and thoughts. Give me the help I need to lean on You. Lead on, blessed Shepherd who goes after every lost sheep. Lead on. You reign, and Your reign is glorious.

( copyright 2018 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro. Written May 27, 2018)



God’s Wisdom is more precious than gold.
This blog by Elizabeth Fulgaro helps readers discover God’s way versus the world’s one “nugget” at a time.

Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Counselor with a heart for helping Christians understand and steward their finances God’s way. 

For more information on books, worship albums, Bible studies and teachings written by Elizabeth Fulgaro  please visit . Newly published is a book called: Truth-Spiritual Manual for Battle now available on Music can be purchased and audio clips heard at and on itunes.

Elizabeth also posts brief devotions and prayers on Facebook on her page: Spiritual Armor and Ammo where you will find more posts of God’s truth and His way to help you stand strong against the battles of this life in which we all find ourselves.

Elizabeth is the Founder of Eagles Nest Foundation which provides spiritual support & encouragement to military and military families as well as those in physical and emotional battles (such as cancer, long-term illness) as well as those grieving a loss.    For information email or visit  

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