Recognizing the Good

There is no other One who is love. You made us–all of us–in Your image and You desire to use us as Your Body through whom You flow to touch the world from here through eternity. Here will never be the extraordinary perfect goodness of heaven. Here there will always be tears. Yet You allow us to be put in position to be present to one another as conduits of Your goodness and care in the most unfortunate circumstances. Thank You, Lord. We are awe-filled and grateful. Thank You. Use us more. In Your might, precious name, Amen

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2017

It has been a hard week for so many with the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Much has already been written. Yet, to me not enough can be said about our true humanity, which has been witnessed in the response to the disaster.  The reality is that the majority does not hate, criticize, demean and bring harm, but reaches out with compassion, love, prayer and real tangible help.  This is what we have in common. This is what unites instead of dividing. We have no desire to sacrifice each other, but unbidden offer the sacrifice of self.

This is the America I have known since birth and of which I am blessed to be a part. But it is not just America–it is humanity at its core–it is international and universal.  Yes, we can choose to hate, but that is not what feeds us. We were made by God to find fulfillment when we offer ourselves to each other with care in that moment and in that way which it is most needed. When we give. Not when we take.

My husband always says that news is the exception not the norm.  Consider the word, “news”. It word means that which is “new” (out of the ordinary and unusual).  Compassion and caring for one another as a normal part of our co-existence–that is what 99 percent of us choose to do every day. It’s not talked about. It remains mostly unpublicized. It doesn’t have to be because it’s not the rare exception, which needs to be given notice. It’s simply who we are.

Oh, I am not exalting us as people because we each remain so imperfect! Often we hurt each other out of our own hurt without even intending it!  But I believe at our core 99% want what is good and right and best for others and that we do aim to take others into consideration. Houston’s disaster and the people’s response reminded us.

None of us can save the world.  Our culture’s concept of hero has been skewed. A hero is not someone with greater physical prowess or who happens for the moment to have attained some measure of celebrity or notoriety.  A hero is someone who in the moment wherever they are steps into the work which is before them which puts them at risk for the good of others and sometimes the world.  Heroes exist unseen doing unrecognized work more than they are visible.

If we each do our seemingly tiny, often seemingly insignificant part, God weaves together His tapestry through it of His love reaching through us His way to touch the world, usher in His compassion, begin His healing, stop injustice, come against evil and administer kindness.  In 2011 the Lord had me compose and record a song about this in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks.  I had asked Him for His message 10 years later. It was the message of our standing up each to do our part helping each other in the face of horror and terrible circumstances. Of being present to one another in the seemingly ordinary every day as well as in the seemingly large. Seen in this light, there are so many more heroes in this world than villains.

Remember, you make a difference and it’s good! May God continue to work through us all….May God bless you!



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