Prophetic Word: I AM With You Always

Lord, even in our worst, You are there. You know our sorrow. You know our suffering. You carry us through. Therefore our trust is ever in You and in You in all things our joy is complete for Your joy is our strength and it is on You alone we rely. Ah, Lord, we sigh with relief. Thank You for who You are and Your magnificent way in all things. In Jesus' name, Amen
Lord, even in our worst, You are there. You know our sorrow. You know our suffering. You carry us through. Therefore our trust is ever in You and in You in all things our joy is complete for Your joy is our strength and it is on You alone we rely. Ah, Lord, we sigh with relief. Thank You for who You are and Your magnificent way in all things. In Jesus’ name, Amen

I felt the first sentences of this word from the Lord welling up inside me as I fell asleep last night. It is for those who hurt and need a word of encouragement in a very hard place. It may be for you now. It may be for you later. It may never be for you, but it is for very specifically for some individuals who will find it at exactly the moment they need.  With this particular word, please remember that when our Lord speaks of healing sometimes it is healing here, always it is for eternity.  His greatest healing is the healing of our hearts which finds its completion in the Life without end which is His promise. Please also keep in mind, when the Holy Spirit “downloads” a word, it either will resonate with you or it will not.  No one prophetic word is for every person. Additionally, in seeking to write down what I think I “hear” from Him, by definition I am human and imperfect.  Please always pray before you read and as you read. And this is my prayer for you: ”LORD, please lead each reader perfectly and cause them to receive and remember, only that which is from You for them.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.” ~ Elizabeth

I have seen your pain and I will heal. I know it has not been easy. I know it has not made sense.

I know you often have felt alone in this journey, yet I have been beside you as you have walked through it. In this valley of the shadow of death where discouragement, confusion and even despair have also been your companions, I have never left you and never will. Though this place has been so hard that often you have not felt it, I have carried you on the days you thought you could go no further. In the same way I rejoiced with you, ever beside you whether you knew it or not, on the days where glimmers of hope and even joy have finally begun to return to the life you were tempted to think was lifeless and never again would be revived.

According to my very real promise, I have collected your tears in a bottle in complete awareness of every single one and have wept with you as you wept.   My angels have been dispatched to minister to you even though often the pain has been so great you were unaware of their presence and help. A life of sorrow and pain is not my best for you. In this fallen world there is so much of it, yet I, Jesus—the One who has also suffered—have made the way for this life not to be the end, but the beginning and not to be the best, but the least of what I have for you.

There is so much good to come! You cannot even fathom it. So great is indeed My love.

Here in that place to which I invite you and wait for you to be with me forever, I also wait to wipe away every tear which has ever fallen as you are ushered into that everlasting joy waiting for you when your service for Me here in this temporal, hard life is done.

I assure you, My child, that indeed you are Mine and though at present you are engulfed in the world, you are no longer of it. You have a purpose beyond yourself to be My ambassador, to shine My light, to usher in more of My kingdom My way to those around you—even in the hardest of places. Where there seems no hope even there I desire to use you.

Will you let Me? Will you be My instrument for My purposes even now?

I need you to look to Me even though sometimes you are not sure you see Me in this. I need you to choose faith, which believes in that which cannot be seen. I need you to listen and seek Me and I will teach you to hear My voice. You are my beloved, beloved, special, unique and treasured child and as Your Shepherd, I do so desire to lead you in the way I know is best for you to go.

Life in this world will never be easy. It will never be heaven. The enemy will always be nipping at your heels proclaiming your defeat and the demise of all you love. But this is and always will be a lie. Only I am Truth and I tell you that I will bring you and those you love through it. Those who have gone before are cheering for you and waiting for you. I know the day and time I will bring you home. Do not desire it sooner. Until then I have good work for you in every moment, whether you can recognize it or not.

For now, seek Me. Let My Spirit do a work in you. Through your pain I will use you for good in the lives of others. I will use you to help them see Me and begin their own healing journey. I will use you to be My love, encouragement and My right arm ushering in more justice and rescue for others who hurt. Do it My way. I will lead you. Listen. Trust. Seek. Listen. Wait. Listen. Obey. Do it in love. Choose love. Choose love for love of Me, not because they deserve it. Choose love because I love you and do it all for Me for often from others there will be no appropriate or reassuring response. Choose love to be My instrument. I will show you how to do it.

Find your place and your rest through the suffering in Me. Rest assured in My presence. Rest confident in My purpose. You are My instrument even in that which is worst. Receive the gift of My love. Let My peace go deep and sustain you even now. Eyes on Me, thoughts on Me, heart listening for My movement and instructions within. I will bring you through it and My results for eternity in you and especially in the others in ways you cannot see will be glorious!

humbly written out as “heard” May 2, 2015 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2015


God’s Wisdom is more precious than gold.
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Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Counselor with a heart for helping Christians understand and steward their finances God’s way. 

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Author: Elizabeth Fulgaro

I am a God-seeker--a Jesus-worshipper--a Holy Spirit follower. I create songs, devotions, prayers, books and Bible studies to give words with which to get to know God more. For you. Its for one-on-One encounter unto transformed, transcendent living. This is not my vocation. I am not professional. I am a real, ordinary person just looking to do what God put me here to do. (You have a unique purpose too.) So I am called to the work. It is not my income source, but my gift to those who find it blessing. Eagles Nest Foundation sponsors all projects for you. The result: pure, clean spiritual nutrition to feed that deep insatiable spiritual hunger which eventually overtakes each of us and galvanizes you to the life God has for you. This life is purposeful. Exceptional. You--yes, you--are called to something greater and more satisfying in His service. So it is hoped you'll try this spiritually dense nutrition and find it to be a personal blessing. However, the goodness of God-following doesn't stop there. He uses those who seek Him to be His love and care (justice, mercy, advocate, kindness) very tangibly in the lives of those around you. Not by your power but by His. His ideas. God ideas. Not just good ideas. To be part of changing the world, if you will let Him. You learn to just follow where He leads. That if you listen, He will teach you to hear His voice and then when you obey His inner promptings you will become His incredible hands and feet in this hard world. These materials will help! They will help you aim your life towards God in a way you never look back. You will not be the same. He will become the River in your desert spaces and you will become a conduit of this same River of refreshing, replenishing Water of Life to others. Find a prayer. Pick a blog post. Read a book. Be led deeper into the Bible. Select a song which resonates and use it and use it again to go close and ever closer to the God who longs to draw you near. Oh, and don't be tempted to think I'm a crazy over-spiritualized loony...My background is financial planning and counseling. Almost 40 years of it. To choose to believe in God is not to leave practicality and reason behind, but to learn that there is that which goes beyond it and includes it, unto true life fulfillment beyond all your dreams for the one who keeps seeking Him. I am a third generation Californian. I am a person to whom family means everything. The only priority higher is God. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada are my home. It is here the 1849-1856 Gold Rush is still glorified. Easy money? Actually only for the few. Even though I was raised in the Church, it took me ten years of doubting God even existed to realize that without Him, no matter how much of this life's "stuff" is accumulated, I actually have nothing. To come to know that all those who chased after gold are dead and all those who still chase stuff will be dead. That's when I became a God-seeker. Looking for that more. And Eureka! (This is California's state slogan and means I found it.) I found God...or rather, I discovered He was there and had been there waiting for me to look for Him the whole time. May you discover more of Him for you, greater flourishing life and greater flourishing for all in the world as well. God bless you! ~Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: I AM With You Always”

    1. Dear Sue, knowing you is a treasure because you know and love Him. It is always delight and refreshment to see you and spend time together when the Lord opens the door because together when we discuss Him and ask Him to reveal more to us, He does. I hope we can get time again together soon to sense even more how the Blessed Spirit desires us to soar. Much love, dear Sue!!!

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