Our Lord is Interested Even in the Smallest Things

Not the photo for which I had hoped, but a reminder of how God cared about the small stuff....AGAIN!
Not the photo for which I had hoped, but a reminder of how God cared about the small stuff….AGAIN!

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2014

Our God cares about even what seem like the smallest things. Daily He gives us examples of how indeed every hair on our heads is counted. Yesterday evening was just one more example.

These days I find myself weekly traveling between two towns, with a portion of life lived in each. It is complete blessing! It is part of God’s exquisite provision for our family. But sometimes it makes one wonder whether different items are left here or still there.

My sunglasses have been missing for a week. It has not been anything to panic about, but I have wondered where they were. I knew that the last time I saw them I had been on an evening walk around the local reservoir with one of my new friends and neighbors. I had been wearing them, taken them off and was sure I had brought them back up to our home. But now in the other town at the other house, they were not with me. It was the next morning on my way to work, when I reached for my sunglasses in their usual spot clipped to the driver’s side visor and first became aware they were missing.

Could I have left them on the kitchen counter in the other place by the reservoir? On Saturday both my husband and I were up at that place and there were no sunglasses to be seen.   Only after we left again, did I wonder if perhaps I had set them inadvertently with my hiking hat which was put away in the cupboard there.

Truly, I couldn’t imagine where the sunglasses could be.  I asked God to show me where I had set them—to remind me what I had done with them. I was not worried. Thinking about it was not a preoccupation, but I did wonder off and on and talked to God about it briefly.

I had had them for probably almost fifteen years. They had been expensive to purchase. The eye doctor had told me such sunglasses were important for eye health and so the investment had been made. All these years I had neither broken them nor misplaced them. Now, I was at a complete loss regarding where they could be.

Yesterday afternoon, it was time to drive up to the home near the reservoir again. I had had an evening meeting scheduled, which got postponed at the last minute until today, thus instead of arriving in the dark, I arrived as the last rays of sunshine were illuminating clusters of beautiful yellow wildflowers along the front fence-line of our home. I felt the unmistakable nudge of the Holy to go and take a few photos. I walked down the driveway quickly and went down on my knees near the flowers to attempt to capture the lighting before it faded. My knees sunk slowly into the ground still soft from recent rains as I bent closer to the earth in order to try to get a particular hoped-for perspective in the photos. The late evening rays of the sun washed everything they touched in a golden glow.  However, I was a bit disappointed. The angle of the shadows seemed to interfere with capturing the desired perspective a bit. I decided to go take photos of some of the other wildflowers in the meadow which were also momentarily awash in this golden sunlight, knowing that with the coming heat which was forecast in a few short days the wildflowers would likely be dried up and gone until next spring. I reached my hand down into the yellow flowers by the fence in order to provide additional support as I rose up to get moving onto these other wildflowers. To my amazement, my hand felt something beneath it buried in the sea of yellow. It was my sunglasses!!!

Then I remembered. The week before, on the way home from the walk around the reservoir, the sun had also been casting a golden glow on the property and I had tried to capture the beauty with a few photos. The sunglasses, so essential as we had begun our walk, had become superfluous as shadows lengthened and so I had simply hung onto them in the same hand as the camera. When I had seen the flowers along the fence-line in the setting sun, I had hurried to try to capture the image with the camera. Down on my knees for that same desired perspective I had tried today, I must have set the sunglasses down and forgotten to pick them up.

Left to my own devices and good ideas, I would have never found them. I never would have remembered leaving them there. But God cares about even the smallest, seemingly unimportant. God cared about enabling the lost sunglasses to be found. I had asked Him where they were and in His divine goodness, He had used a postponed appointment to put me in His timing, so His Spirit could nudge me to get into the exact location and position I needed to be to find them. Sunglasses. How our God cares! His Spirit knows the heart of the Father and leads. He does answer every prayer.  Dare to remember…He has done it for each of us and continues to…..God of the universe; yet intimately involved in the details for each of us.  Amazing….



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