Prayer and a Song for Patriot’s Day 2013

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2013

LORD, we need You - Your direction, Your Spirit, Your Living Water to refresh us and Your Truth to sustain us. So much makes no sense, because we are mere humans (the created, while You are the Creator) and so we cling to You trusting as You ask us to.  We know You will not fail to guide us through these times as in every time before. And so we praise Your name in all circumstances and ask for Your blessing. Thank You, that You are God. In Jesus' name, Amen

Now is a time to remember….to remember what was….to remember what is….to remember God is not done….to honor those who have gone before and to ask God to give us our work for today….and to never ever forget…..Below are the lyrics to the song, “One Nation Under God” in honor of Patriot’s Day, 9-11 2013, a link to the song on youtube (please feel free to post a comment as we honor and remember) and a prayer as united we continue to stand.  GOD, please bless America….


One clear September morning, we will never forget,
The attacks upon our nation which left so many dead.
Planes crashing, buildings falling, the Pentagon on fire
We united one nation under God.

One by one the news of heroes from that day
Emerged to tell the story of Americans’ so brave
People helping people, living life beyond themselves
We united one nation under God.

We pledge allegiance to the red, white and blue
One nation under God, united, standing true
Now’s our time to do something, to live beyond ourselves
United one nation under God.

Now the years have passed, the call falls to us
Will we do for our neighbor, give of ourselves.
Will we hear the call to do something before it’s too late
Will we choose to stay one nation under God.

Words & music by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2011

PRAYER written in 2013 remembrance of 9-11-10

Lord, 9-11-01…we remember and never forget how it was that morning, that day, the days that followed and all the days which have been since. We remember to You each of the families and friends of those who lost and gave their lives that day. Continue to be their Comforter and Guide for grief does not stop.

Lord in the midst of such evil, we were amazed at the groundswell of goodness and love from so many for those they knew and selfless sacrifice for those they did not know, but who were their fellow men and women.

Lord, we ask You to bless each and every military member and military family of those who are serving and those who have served–every veteran and every Gold Star family (the families of those warriors who have protected us since 9-11 and gave the ultimate sacrifice in the process).

Lord, war is not good. War is not desired. Sometimes it must be fought and sometimes the temptation to fight must be resisted. Only You know in every circumstance how it must be. At its root though behind every war is someone or a group of someones who want more than is theirs and have put their needs and wants above the welfare of the people.

Lord, give world leaders Your wisdom. Give world leaders your strategy and to those who are willing to accept it—give them Your heart.

Teach us to love with Your love, while standing up for what is right. To see others through Your eyes and know what You would have us do to serve. Help us turn our grief into activism which is inspired by You. Use us to rescue those in harm’s way and deliver the comfort You desire delivered. Teach us to understand that when we are in Your will, there is no small act.

Help us to find our purpose in serving You every moment of every day–not with a critical spirit, because that is not You, but with a heart to listen and obey Your Holy Spirit no matter what with a song of praise in our hearts.

Thank You that You are God and never give up on us. That You sent Jesus, then Your Spirit and You are not done with us, but do not give us what our sins deserve and are working to restore every victim. God of justice. God of grace. God of love. Sustain us. Our trust is in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen



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