Good Morning, Lord

Good morning, Lord! Thank You for being the Light in our lives like a sun which never sets, constantly, magnificently lighting up the otherwise darkness with Your love and truth and lighting the path of true life and purpose back to You for eternity for us and all those who will follow. We celebrate You!
Good morning, Lord! Thank You for being the Light in our lives like a sun which never sets, constantly, magnificently lighting up the otherwise darkness with Your love and truth and lighting the path of true life and purpose back to You for eternity for us and all those who will follow. Thank You, that You came, lived, died, rose again, reign forever and are coming again.  We rejoice and celebrate You!

Morning Prayer of Thanksgiving and Worshipful Consecration 

Good morning, Lord. Thank You for another day. Thank You for another moment to revel that all Your promises are true and that it is Your desire to do in each of us more than we can hope or imagine. Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Your love which spans from eternity to eternity and is beyond anything we can fully comprehend.

It is comforting to know, You are beyond our understanding and all good. When the storms of life blow, pelt and threaten to overtake us, we can choose instead to be at rest in You, our perfect Dwelling Place and Refuge, in one respect because of Your promises and in the other respect because we know Your all-good, eternity-focused ways are beyond our full comprehension. Thank You for permission to be Your child. Thank You that we do not have to know it all or carry the responsibility for figuring it out. Thank You for adopting us and being our Perfect Parent. Thank You for holding our hand and leading us by Your Spirit and never letting go, even coming to seek us and draw us back when we have gone astray.

Thank You that there is nothing You won’t forgive, no wound You will not heal. Thank You for not leaving us to die here, but reconciling us to Yourself through Your own sacrifice of Yourself, Jesus that we might cross through death, not as the end and an earned verdict of separation from You forever, but as a door to even closer relationship. Thank You for creating us for relationship with others as well as with you so there is companionship. You knew in our humanness we would sin, doing things which did not enable us to remain close to You because of Your Holy Perfection and insistence we have choice whether to have You as King or not. You knew in our self-oriented imperfections we would hurt one another – often not even on purpose and yet other times horrifically intentionally. You give us Your forgiveness when we fail; You extend Your arms of comfort and healing when we are wounded. You offer healing to us when we forgive those who trespass against the individuals You made us to be. You knew we would stray. You knew how You would draw us back. In Your love we choose to rest, find peace and experience healing toward wholeness. You also choose to use us as we live with eyes upturned to You and lives given over to You because we have learned our way doesn’t work, but Yours does to help others on their healing journey to eternal complete reunion with You.

Thank You that we are adopted children of Your eternal Kingdom as soon as we choose it.  Thank You for our assignments here every day which give us good purpose to be Your ambassadors to reflect Your way and shine Your Light of love that others might see the Way home to their intended destiny in You as well. Thank You that ultimately the day will come where as much as we delight, delight, delight to worship You and serve You from here You will draw us closer into Your eternal heavenly presence where the battle for us will cease and there will be no more pain, struggles or tears.

For now, we revel in who You are, bow to Your majesty and Sovereignty and with full allegiance of every aspect of our beings pledged to You (in thought, word and deed) committed to do Your will, please send Your Spirit with increase today to guide and direct our thoughts, words and steps that You might be glorified so that through the obedience of each of us in the sometimes dark places where You place or send us, all might know You are God. We love You for who You are.  We trust fully in You alone.  You chose us. We choose to choose You, Savior, Lord, King and Most High! We have no power and all things are Yours, not ours, but give You our hearts. You are our all in all and everything. In You we live, move and have our being. To obey You is not sacrifice, but delight. Have Your way. We will trust and rejoice. In Jesus’ name, Amen

humbly written out as heard Monday, March 4, 2013 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2013

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Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist. She has just released her 5th full-length worship CD of original songs called GOD SEEKER, to give word and melody to our desire for Jesus to be Savior and Lord and to declare ourselves God seekers as compared to the gold-seeker mentality which predominates society (searching for life’s answers anywhere else besides in the Lord God.)

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