Christmas Worship & Prayer

Lord, we come to adore You!

Lord, we come to adore You!


Prayer:  Jesus, because You came, we have the hope of purpose now and freedom in You and through You now through eternity. We bow in awe at Your majesty. We bow in thanksgiving for Your gift of Yourself that we might live with You forever. Your love overwhelms us….GOD, by Your power and grace….bless all those in pain, grief, suffering or trouble this Christmas, for all those serving in harm’s way and/or away from those they love…that they might feel Your comfort and experience Your love in ways which warm their hearts and help them receive and stay in Your perfect love.  Thank You for the gift of You!  You are all we want and all we need. You reign!  In Jesus’ name, Amen

Now please join in worship! Please click on the link for “You Came To Set Us Free” .  May our worship and declaration of His love go forth never-ending into the universe echoing praise that all might know He is God, Savior and Lord!!!

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