PRAYER to Give Up Plans and Embrace God’s

Lord, we embrace Your plans as our own and give great thanks for Your perfect way – especially when it doesn’t make sense. We look not to others, but to You alone for our value and purpose and choose not to seek to measure or compare. You use all for good. Our trust is in You.

Holy, holy, holy Lord. All creation in heaven and on earth declares Your beauty and majesty and glorious way.  We join in with the angels and communion of saints in heaven worshipping You in awe of who You are even at this moment and we say, Mighty, Wonderful, Merciful God, how awesome You are!  How beyond our comprehension! Thank You for Your love. Thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for Your Son, Jesus.  In Your Name(s) is who You are.  You conquered death, so that when You are Savior and Lord it is not the end, but a door to eternity with You. Even now You use all things for good for those who are called according to Your purpose.  You call us all. If only we will turn, bow to You and Your Way and answer Your call, all Your promises become ours.

Lord, sometimes we are such willful children.  We rebel against anyone – even You – telling us what to do.  Lord God, please forgive us.  How could we ever assert that we know better than You do?  You are GOD!  You created us; we did not create ourselves.  You are superior to us.  You were, are and will always be.  You are supreme, almighty and unchanging. Therefore, Your Way is the only Way which will work.

And so today, we consciously lay down our own plans.  Right now, we spiritually lay our agendas at Your feet.  Lord God, Jesus came to serve us and we commit to serve You.  You say that if we love You, then we will obey You.  Lord God, we are bowed down waiting and listening and ready to obey. For we do love You and know that our lives are by You, in You and for You. Every time we have lived for ourselves and expected You to be there to answer our prayers and give us what we want our way, we have been wrong.  How could we want or plan anything without consulting You?  You are all love!  You are all good!  Therefore Your plans are so much better than ours and though there is evil and therefore trouble during this mortal life until we join you in eternity, what the enemy means for evil, You promise to use for good.  Lord God, it gets so tiring striving and striving for what we think we want for reasons which only matter during this life.  Today, once again, we put all these plans and strivings after that which has no eternal value at Your feet.  With the help of Your Holy Spirit we desire to quiet our minds to receive Your thoughts and Your plans.  You promise You will speak to us and guide us if we will seek it. Well, Lord, we are seeking.  Solomon was right when he wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes that seeking after wealth and recognition and status during our mortal lives is like chasing after the wind.  There is no value in it.

Lord God, You create us to be the reflection of You to all those You place around us. You desire to partner with us and use us to accomplish Your purpose – to give all an opportunity to experience the reality of who You are, so they can decide to choose You as Savior and Lord for themselves.  What greater purpose could there be than to partner with Your eternal purposes. This is not to be by our power, but by Yours.  And Lord, how You bless us, that You can use us for Your mighty, divine, eternal purposes every single day, no matter where we find ourselves.

Holy Spirit, flow through us now.  Help us to be Your love.  We can do nothing without You! Holy Spirit, speak to us now and by Your power help us to learn to hear and have the courage to act (especially when it doesn’t seem to make sense).

Lord, we repent from relying on money or other people or anything else besides You as an answer to our concerns.  We repent from thinking anything thing else is a greater priority than our relationship with You and seeking to discern where You are leading and then taking the initiative to follow.  We consciously say, You alone are God and our trust is in You today above all else and at all costs no matter what any other person says or thinks.

Thank You for being there for us, O Lord, Savior and God.  You are all that we want and need.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

Written September 28, 2012 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro © 2012


Eagles Nest Foundation , Inc.

Elizabeth Fulgaro is a wife, mother, writer, inspirational speaker, worship leader, composer, singer & recording artist.  She is also a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Financial Counselor with a heart for helping Christians understand and steward their finances God’s way. 

For books, worship cds, Bible studies and teachings written by Elizabeth Fulgaro or to schedule her to come speak to your group please visit  Worship music audio clips can be found at For information on her work for the military and their families please visit   Eagles Nest Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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