Reflections on the Phrase: “One Nation Under God”

    God called me out to walk before dawn.  I was dressed, out the door and on my way at 5:59am.  He called me to walk a different way than usual. I like to walk where there are broader vistas and fewer homes.  But this morning, He told me to take the long way around, going the suburban streets to eventually get to the summit of Old Ranch Rd. hill.  It did not take long for Him to reveal why.  Though on the summit the sunrise would have already been visible, those same hills blocked the sun from shining on the valley yet and enabled me to have the sunrise still before me.  The Lord directed me to the opposite side of the street and told me to get the camera on my phone ready.    As soon as the edge of the sun broke over the horizon, I began snapping pictures. 

At first I was not pleased that my phone camera seemed to deal with the brightness by capturing one beam of sunlight pointing down to the earth like a sword.   It was an out of balance image.  Yet looking at His sun rising reminded me that His Son is the Light in our darkness and worship rose up in my heart.  I wanted to post the picture to an album on FaceBook He had me start called, “Prayer”, where He has had me immediately share so many photos in the past along with a mini “burst” of worship.  I began to upload the first photo of the dawn, but pushed the wrong button before I could indicate the album and type in the caption.  He didn’t want me focused there.  He wanted me still watching the dawn and snapping photos. 

One after another, every few seconds I faithfully took a photo.  Gradually as the sun rose, the light seemingly split and in my photo viewfinder it was as if it became a cross of light which overwhelmed everything around it. So blessed!  In awe!  Wow, God, wow!  You invade our darkness and are our Light.  You take what we thought was light and the way, then fill it with Your Light, and overwhelm what we thought was right (and light) until it becomes a shadow and we can truly see the path.  And such a gift for obedience.  My heart leapt with thankfulness.  He didn’t have to bless me so.  I would have obeyed anyway.  I had gone the longer, less beautiful way (to me) as He had led.  I had not
fought Him when didn’t enable the first photo to post correctly, but had relaxed and let Him continue to be in control.  Slowly but surely I was learning!

I finished taking photos.  The sun was fully risen, yet still obscured somewhat by the passing marine layer of clouds which had swept over the western hills last night and now into the morning as was often the case due to our nearness to the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  He directed me to continue my walk across and then up to the summit.  Words which turned into sentences began to drop into my mind as I reached the top. I knew it was from Him.  There was a message He wanted written down.  The words came quickly as I sat on a bench on the summit overlooking the San Ramon Valley and thumb-typed as rapidly as possibly into my phone.  Here is what He gave me:

 REFLECTIONS ON THE PHRASE: “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”                         by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

The meaning of “One Nation Under God” is on my mind these days as I prepare to release for all of us to declare in unity over our nation and into our atmosphere and hearts a new song the Lord downloaded in March to commemorate 9-11-01 and give us marching orders going forward fittingly called, “One Nation Under God”.  (Note: to be on a mailing list for info when the song is released and the link for the youtube please message me on LinkedIn or FACEBOOK with your email address or email the info to me at  God, bless America and the world!


As we work hard to protect the phrase, “One Nation Under God” in our pledge (and “in God we trust” as our national motto and on our currency), we need to remember that though the phrase is important, it is without God’s effect unless it is also our attitude and is reflected in our lifestyles.

For instance, in what do we place our hope?  Is money what we believe is the answer to all
our problems?  I am a Californian, born in the Capital of Sacramento and lived for many years growing up in the hills where gold was found, prompting the famous gold rush which began in 1849. People swarmed to the gold fields from around the world seeking money to address their problems.

Certainly money can help with much during our physical lives on earth, but it is not the answer. It is merely a tool and in the end it is of no value at all.  Our national
motto:  “In God We Trust” says it all.

We need to remember that every person who has ever made his or her objective accumulation of wealth has still ended up the same way as the person who had much less.  For example, every person who gave up much to come seek gold in the hills and streams of California, putting their hope in money and personal wealth as the answer is dead.  Those who were wealthy in the days of Jesus and lived the high life are also dead – unless sometime before their physical lives ended they discovered the Lordship of Jesus Christ, acknowledged their need for Him as Savior and bowed to Him as Lord.   In the end regarding how it will continue after our natural death and with the most important of life’s current issues (such as true life satisfaction and happiness) money is of no help at all.

The idea of money being the problem solver is deceptive. It has nothing to do with life from here through eternity.  And while living out our physical lives, true happiness comes from the inside, not the external.  This is a gift of joy from God which defies understanding because it is above circumstances and bubbles up from the inside out in spite them.

At our core we were created to need love and purpose.  There is a deep inner dissatisfaction until we experience these.  It is our built in God-seeker “gene”; this need is what causes us to keep seeking until we find Him. Only in God do we find both.

When we decide to follow Jesus we are making more than a decision to believe He is real and accept the gift of eternal life with Him forever following our physical death.   Eternity
starts for us now.  We receive our citizenship in His Kingdom immediately and with it a unique gift of freedom with His love and purpose which is completely transforming and exhilarating.

The freedom is in the recognition that He is God, has a way He wants us to live, a plan for each of our lives and promises to protect and provide sufficiently for us when we follow Him so that we can get thru whatever life presents until He takes us home to Him for the rest of eternity.  Such freedom in knowing He is in control, has all power, all knowledge along with the over-riding promise He will protect, provide and direct our every step if we will but listen.

And there is the rub, to truly be one nation under God  – where it is more than a phrase to honor a supernatural Being in whom we happen to believe – we have to embrace the idea
that if He is Lord then we naturally desire to live His way, pledge allegiance to Him, and we seek His will in all things.  Jesus only did as the Father told Him to do. Jesus left His Spirit with us and told us His sheep will hear His voice so we would know if we seek, we can hear His voice and instructions for every moment of every day from the Father, thru the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

(This is why when He speaks to us, it is less often a voice our ears hear and more often thoughts which drop into our minds because He is already there speaking from the inside out if we will listen…. But this is a broader topic on how to recognize His voice, to be discussed at greater length another day.)

Suffice for today’s purposes to say that one part of learning to listen is being willing to hear what He says – being willing to lay down our personal way, wishes and agenda in order to embrace His. Another element of learning to recognize His voice is developing the habit to take our own thoughts captive to Christ as they come to mind.  In other words scrutinizing the source of the thoughts in our mind so that we can determine which are from God and which from the adversary, because due to the long ago choice of Adam and Eve we find
ourselves in a world where there is an ongoing invisible supernatural battle going on at all times.  God is presenting us with a choice to see if we truly want to be citizens of His Kingdom.  Whom will we choose to serve?

There is no room for complacency or apathy? We either pledge our allegiance to God as God, recognizing He is Master and Boss, submitting to His way, looking to hear Him and follow where He leads or we are giving that which is not God dominion, leadership in our lives. There is no middle ground.

When we say “one nation under God” it should be because we know who He is.  He is the Supreme Being, who is superior to each of us (and created us), who promises He is all
good and truth.  When we say, we desire to be one nation under God it is representative that we are choosing to believe this and thus want nothing else than His ideas for who could want their own ideas if the God of the universe who has the overview of all from here to eternity is willing to give us His?!

It is such an oxymoron to our human minds that submission to anything could represent freedom! Initially we think, isn’t freedom the ability to come up with our own ideas and make up our own minds?  Only when considered from a human perspective…  If God is real (and those of us who want to remain one nation under God to remain obviously believe He is), then we are effectively living in an unrealistic vacuum if we think our ideas could possibly be of any merit when God desires to give us His own. (It is important
to note that sometimes “our” ideas are from God, but this must be discerned and
affirmed in our hearts by Him.  If we ask He will tell us.)

Remember the freedom of being a child most of us experienced?  In many instances we did
not carry the burden or responsibility for making sure we had a place to sleep, a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc.  In most cases this was provided by our parents. They had the overview and understood what needed to be done.  It was our job to obey them.

If human parents can provide this, imagine when we allow Father God to protect and provide for us supernaturally and perfectly as He promises. This does not mean we sit back, wait and do nothing. It means we obey. To obey we must know what He is asking of us – which means we are back to the critical component of our faith: our ability to live as one nation under God pre-supposes that we are listening for His instructions (the thoughts which He drops into our minds which are not contrary to His character or anything in
His word) which often initially will not seem to make sense because His ways are so far superior to our own.

For those of us who had parents who did protect and provide for us so we did not have to worry, do you remember the freedom of not worrying what was for dinner or how to pay
the bills? This is the freedom we are offered as citizens of God’s Kingdom now, under Him as Lord and as a nation which lives for Him and not for ourselves. In God we trust as ultimate provider of the ability to earn and have enough money; we do not trust in our abilities or the money itself.  We become one nation under God by each individual
seeking to walk out His will every moment of every day – going thru our days in the freedom of knowing He is ultimately in control – we are not. He has the power to complete all things we do not; and He is the one with the overall, best and perfect plan in light of eternity for each of us (and the world.  He will use all we go thru here in this sometimes tough human existence for good.

He did not promise lives of ease. Look at Jesus.  The only begotten Son of God was born virtually on the streets, had to flee His native land, wasn’t taken seriously by the masses (especially those in authority), had no earthly title or prestige, was put to death though innocent, and was abandoned in his moment of need by almost all who knew Him. Yet because He stayed in the Father’s will and found His reason to go on in the Father’s love for Him and the Father’s objective to redeem the world, look what the Father  accomplished thru Jesus for all of us.

One nation under God: the freedom to seek God’s will, follow where He leads, be His child and find joy in all because we in God we trust, knowing He is using each of us for eternal good if we will let Him – no matter our circumstances.  One nation under God: we commit to worship Him as the only vital element, pray, listen,discern and act.  All praise to our King and Lord, Creator and Sovereign Ruler of all the heavens and the earth!

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Thistles, Mustard Plant, Oats & Rye

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

One morning recently, I was excited to go a walk for the Lord was calling me to take the road up a nearby hill. I don’t necessarily enjoy the climb, but love the view when I reach the top.

The path to the summit has two entrances – one which is wheelchair accessible and makes its way to the top with gentle switchbacks and the other which is so steep it seems as if it goes straight up! Since one of my goals in walking is to treat my body better because the Lord tells me it is the temple of His Holy Spirit, I have taken a liking to the steeper path because it strengthens my body better.

On this particular morning, I actually was anticipating the steeper climb with excitement!  But as I approached the hill which leads to the summit path, the Lord said, no. Not only was I not to take the steeper path when I reached it, but I was to head toward the entrance of the wheelchair accessible end of the path by hiking up the less direct side of the road.

This was not my desire, but I know God always protects me perfectly and blesses me abundantly when I obey.  After all, He alone knows His true intentions for this walk and what lies up ahead, so I obeyed.

He did not disappoint.  Within minutes, at least one of His reasons for having me hike this
particular way was clear. As I had almost climbed to the entrance of the wheelchair-accessible path, my eyes were drawn to thickets of tall bristly thistles clustered all along the fence line.        These thistles were only on the side of the road where the Lord had directed me to go.  Had I had walked the way which seemed right to me (and which I thought I wanted) instead of as the Lord instructed I would have missed the picture of how things work which He desired to give me.  It was an object lesson, a reminder and important wake-up call.

The ground at the base of the thistles was covered with a white fluffy substance, which was as thick as snow.     As I looked closer in the early dawn light, I saw that each small tuft of white was a thistle seed.  There was a carpet of thistle seeds on the ground which the next breeze would carry further into the field!  Within a year or so if nothing was done to stop the spread of the thistle, the field would be unplantable and nothing useful could be grown there!

Though I grew up on a ranch where thistles and mustard weed were viewed as the enemy and not the friend, in recent years, I have become more complacent, seeking to find the beauty in all of God’s creation.  This is not bad, it has been good!  It has caused me to judge less, be less critical and jump to fewer conclusions.   As a part of this, I have
endeavored to see the beauty of thistles in the field.   

However, what we see in the natural (how God made His visible creation to function) gives us a picture of how God works in the
invisible spiritual realm as well.  Where
it is admirable to look for the good and to seek to see the beauty in all of God’s creation, we also must be wise to watch for unproductive, dangerous “weeds and thistles” in the fields which the Lord has given us to tend for His
harvest, especially the field of our own hearts.

Few of us today are familiar with what it takes to produce the food we need to live.  We no
longer grow our own food, but purchase what we want when we want.  We don’t remember the challenges of sowing, planting, tending and harvesting a crop; of using the raw harvest from which to produce edible, digestible food.  We don’t remember it takes multiple seasons (i.e., spring, summer and into fall) for the crop to grow until it is ready to harvest and eat, or that the farmer never knows if the harvest will actually come to fruition because he can neither control the weather completely nor eliminate the impact of pests.  We have forgotten that though beautiful away from the growing crops, there are some weeds whose presence threatens the harvest.

Thus where it is admirable to look for the good and to see the beauty in all things; we must also be wise.  We need to be vigilant and diligent to watch for weeds and thistles growing in our own spiritual lives and deal with them promptly.   If we do not, they will spread and completely take over what which otherwise would have been good, productive ground and God will not be able to use us to effectively to grow His kingdom harvest. 

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Father’s Day Prayer

In the United States we celebrate Father’s Day today.   Therefore we honor our fathers and our Father and we pray:

Lord God, bless every father of every child today.  Come to them, surround them with Your arms of infinite, everlasting, always-forgiving, unoffendable love and whisper to them their worth to You.  Touch every father –both those who can hold their children in their arms and those who cannot, those who can be physically present and those who cannot.  Help them to rely on You and partner in prayer for the blessing of their children, for Your touch in their lives.

Remind them, You never intended them to be perfect – and that You love them yesterday, today and tomorrow (both as they are and hope to be).  For though they are often the strength of others and pick up the burden of responsibility to carry for their households, You created them to need You.   Lord God, help them to know the blessing of the insufficiency you place in each of us, so that we will come to You, the One who is sufficient for all our needs.  Lord God, continue to remind these and affirm to them that You are their strength, that You have never expected perfection, but rather You look for hearts in
allegiance to You. For those fathers who have not been the fathers they had hoped, reach out with message that you forgive if they will but turn to you.

Lord God, similar to the age of knights who pledged allegiance to their lord and submitted to his orders, we are each called to pledge allegiance to You and submit to Your
orders.  How blessed we are by the amazing, incredible, indescribable gift of Your Holy Spirit who speaks Your will to our hearts and leads us in the way we are to go, if we will but listen. Encourage fathers today that they can hear from You.  Remind them of Your promises.

Remind them that You are the true Protector and Provider.  You enable all things, all things belong to You and all things are in Your hands (in Your control).  We are like privates in Your Kingdom army where You are the Sovereign, Almighty General!  Release fathers everywhere into the freedom of Your ongoing forgiveness when we ask for any and all shortcomings and Your Protection and Provision for those who seek to follow
where You lead. And so where the world says fathers must lead, You as THE FATHER, tell us that we are to follow You.  You carry the responsibility.  We merely have faith, trust and obey.  Our responsibility is hearts devoted to You and constantly seeking Your will.

And Lord God, where there have been unhealthy elements in past relationships with fathers, come as the restorer and step by step, day by day, set things to right.  Come also as Jehovah Rapha the Lord, Our Healer.  Come Holy Spirit and deliver the heart of the Father with His unfailing love to every person whose heart has been broken in any way advertently or inadvertently at the hand of an earthly father.  Cause them to realize that only in You is there true, unconditional love for them at all times.  Let the truth of the nature of Your love be balm which goes deep and heals!

Father God, how we adore You!  How blessed are we, that You are!  You have loved us with an everlasting love before we even know You were.  We are in awe.  We know we are
unworthy and yet You sent Jesus.  We know we cannot find Your Way by ourselves or be as we ought, so You sent Your Holy Spirit.  We bow before You in humble thanksgiving and adoration.  You are the Father of all of us and we are beyond words, that You ordain us to be made in Your image and be part of Your adopted family.  Father, Jesus, Spirit, truly You are the Way, the Truth and the Life.  In Jesus name, Amen.

humbly written as “heard” Father’s Day, June 19, 2011 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

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Pentecost Rumination 2 ~ Wake Up, Dry Bones! Come Back to LIFE! (prophetic word)

PROPHETIC WORD from June 4, 2011

Wake up dry bones!  Come back to life!  Know that I am God and that your true life is
found in Me.  All the rest leads to death.  In fact, you are all dead even now though you cannot see it until you come to Me and embrace My purpose.  My purpose is to use you so that others will see Me!  I love them all!  Do you hear Me?  I love them ALL!  – every one of them!  I desire them to be with Me.  Oh how I long for them to find and embrace
the destiny for which I created them. But they must choose.  I cannot and will not do this for them.

But I will use You.  Are you willing?  I have need of you?  Will you go wherever I send you and serve in My name, by the power and guidance of My Spirit?

You CANNOT go without My Spirit.  You CANNOT take My Spirit for granted and
believe you are in My will.  It is true that I came to dwell in you when you accepted Me as Savior and Lord, but if you have boxed up My Spirit, attempting to quench My fire, believing you can have Me in you for your own sake, but live life your own way, then you are mistaken.  I will not be mocked. Either I am God, or I am not.  You decide.  Whether you choose Me as your Lord and King will not change the truth of I AM, but it will change what happens to you. So long as you cling to the thought that you can have your own ideas apart from Mine, that you can make your own plans without Mine, then you are mistaken and you are as dry bones and without life.

Life is in Me alone.  I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.

How could you think that you could turn their hearts to Me without My
Spirit?  If the disciples needed the Spirit, you do as well.

Seek Me in worship and the word and will be found by You.  Your true life is by My
Spirit, walking out My will. This is what Jesus did when He picked up His cross.  He was walking by My Spirit, doing what I asked of Him, walking out the will of the Father.  If Jesus had no life but walking out the will of the Father and you are called to be His followers, how could you think your life would look any different than that of Jesus.  I have plans for you! Seek them!

You are so worried about so many things and in light of eternity I have them already handled.  Your worries are the result of wanting your own will.  And while you are invited to bring your requests to Me, you are also called to trust Me for the best result.  You worry is born out of your fear you will not get your way (as if you knew what was best for the world – all involved – in light of eternity).

Look to Me for My will for you today and lay the worry down!  Has your worry ever changed anything?  Has it ever produced any productive result?  Why do you do it?  When you worry, you dishonor Me.  Lay it down; lay it down; lay it down.  Eyes on Me.  Bring it to Me as  a prayer request and then choose to quiet your heart and LISTEN instead of constantly speaking.  I have so much I want to share with you.  I want you to know My love, to understand My way, to be empowered to walk out what I have for you.  My plan in beyond understanding and you will be richly blessed by it.  I am inviting you closer!!!

Who is the God who loves, who allows Himself to be found and known, who shares His secrets with His followers?  It is I, and I alone!  I desire to bring you to Myself as My beloved adopted children, but you must want Me!

Do you know Me? Do you know Me really?  Who do you think that I am?  have you sought Me?  What have you learned about My character and My way? What was your source of information?

Listen; I am speaking. Listen; I desire the world to know Me and I am sending you!

I have work for you. Seek My Spirit; seek My voice. I will teach you.  It is My promise! Seek Me.  Know Me – not by your invented ideas, but as I AM, who never changes – who always is and always was and always is to come.

How I love you!  I love them all!  I am calling, do you hear Me?

Prophetic word humbly written out as “heard” on June 4, 2011 by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

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Pentecost Rumination 1 ~ No More Dry Bones: In His Spirit is LIFE

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

It is the season of Pentecost, the time of year we choose to remember:

  • Forty days after His resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven.
  • Fifty days after His resurrection, His Spirit came.

For the next few days, as His Spirit leads this will be a place for sharing ruminations on God, His purpose and the awesome wonder of Pentecost.

I am in the process of recording a new patriotic song for our nation, which God
unexpectedly downloaded in one of His “suddenlies” during March 2011.  The song is called, “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”.  Its purpose is to remember and honor the
heroic acts on the part of ordinary people in the face of the evil on 9-11-01
and be reminded we are each called to do the good work before us serving others
each day under the covering of our faith in God.  Through the song we declare we are and will remain “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” (committed to Him and living His Way).

The song will be released July 4th on youtube and through various outlets.  As I have worked on the song, I have needed a covering of prayer and so there is a group of intercessors, who bless me with theirs!  As I prepared to head to The Creation Lab on May 26th to record the lead vocals, one of the intercessors said the Lord was giving her Ezekiel 37 as verses related to the task before me.

I know those verses well.   They relate the story of God, Ezekiel and the dry bones.  It is
the story which describes how God uses Ezekiel’s obedience to the impossible to give new life to a valley filled with dry, disconnected, lifeless bones.

For over a year the Lord has been whispering He is going to have me write another book.  It will be the story of how God uses ordinary lives to accomplish extraordinary things when we seek to learn to hear the voice of His Spirit speaking within us and choose to listen and obey no matter how ridiculous or impossible the task seems.  The book is to be called, God Uses Nobodies”.

In addition to the song, “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, during one of His March “suddenlies” He also downloaded the book’s introduction in a fast five minutes.  I scribbled it down as fast as it came on a scrap of paper, folded it and tucked it into my Bible.  Yesterday, on the Sunday before the 2011 celebration of Pentecost when I opened my Bible; it fell open to the page where I had “randomly” placed that sheet of paper. The place it marked was Ezekiel 37:

Ezek. 37:1-10 (Amplified)

1 The hand of the Lord was upon me, and he brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones. 2 And He caused me to pass round about among them, and behold, there were very many [human bones] in the open valley or plain, and behold, they were very dry. 3 And He said to me, Son of man, can these bones live?  And I answered, O Lord God, you know! [I Cor. 15:35.]  4 Again He said to me, Prophesy to these bones and say to them, O you dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. [John 5:28.]  5 Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath and spirit to enter you, and you shall live; 6 And I will lay sinews upon you and bring up flesh upon you and cover you with skin, and I will put breath and spirit in you, and you [dry bones] shall live, and you shall know, understand, and realize that I am the Lord [the Sovereign Ruler, Who calls forth loyalty and obedient service]. 7 So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a [thundering] noise and behold, a shaking and trembling and a rattling, and the bones came together, bone to its bone. 8 And I looked and behold, there were sinews upon [the bones] and flesh
came upon them and skin covered them over, but there was no breath
or spirit in them. 9 Then said He to me, Prophesy to the breath and spirit, son of man, and say to the breath and spirit, Thus says the Lord God: Come from the four winds, O breath and spirit, and
breathe upon these slain that they may live.
10 So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath and spirit came into [the bones], and they lived and stood up upon their feet, an exceedingly great host. [Rev. 11:11.]  

There are no coincidences when serving God.  There was a message here.  I asked Him what He was showing me. His answer was revelation regarding how the story of the dry bones relates to the first Pentecost and the new Pentecost He desires to bring in each of our lives as the critical component for the expansion and continued fulfillment of His Great Commission.

Pentecost is all about celebrating that Jesus sent His Spirit that we might be able to walk
out the work He sets before us. And it will be His Spirit who leads us in this work.

We can do nothing without God’s Spirit.  No matter how good our intentions, we are like disconnected dry bones and dead, unable to have His eternal effect on those around us unless the life of His Spirit rushing through us, empowering us, leading us and guiding us.

All work, all activity in our lives points back to God’s purpose for us that we would
glorify Him – that every aspect of our lives would give Him His due and cause others to see Him through us.  But if we try to walk out this life of faith by ourselves, we will be like the dry bones referenced in Ezekiel.  We need the Holy Spirit.

God is saying…. (prophetic word “Wake Up, Dry Bones” from 6/4/2011 follows in separate
blog post)

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Prophetic Word: Majesty, Majesty, Majesty, I AM!

on April 2, 2011 I had the extreme privilege of attending a Kingdom Advance meeting hosted by Blazing Fire church in our area, to unite Christian pastors and ministry leaders, connect us in His Spirit and refresh us with time focused on being in His Presence.  As the time of worship music began, opening our day together, the Lord gave me a prophetic word, which continued until the worship time was done.  This is a result of God inhabiting the praises of His people, so we can hear Him better!  May this word be an encouragement to all for whom He intended it.  God, bless every person who reads this in a special way!  In His service for His glory,  Elizabeth Fulgaro

Here is how it began.  When I arrived,  in response to my inquiry the Holy Spirit showed me where to sit and called me to open my Bible to Psalms.  It fell open to Psalm 93 and with it His message:


1 The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty; the Lord is robed, He has girded himself with strength and power; the world also is established, that it cannot be moved.  2 Your throne is established from old; You are from everlasting. 3 The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up the roaring of their waves. 4 The Lord on high is mightier and more glorious than the noise of many waters, yes, than the mighty breakers and waves of the sea. 5 Your testimonies are very sure; holiness [apparent in separation from win, with simple trust and hearty obedience] is becoming to Your house, O Lord, forever.

And He said:

This is your time of My refreshing.  I will show you deeper things. You will know Me in a new way.  You will encounter My majesty.  Your awe will be unbound, increased,  magnifying as it then magnifies Me more.

Majesty, majesty, majesty, I AM; majesty, majesty, majesty , I AM.

They need a new awe of Me.  If they are not in awe, how can they fear Me (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom…)

Awe, awe, awe – not a head knowledge but hearts opened wide, receiving the gushing, gulping refreshment of My Spirit.

Awe, awe, awe.  I will usher them into My heart and into My Presence.  Revel before Me in the agony of ecstasy of knowing Me.

Majesty, majesty, majesty.

They no longer know what it means to have a king – a king of their lives.

I will be found by  them – not a God who only answers their earthly prayers, but a God who is and was and is to come, unchanging forever and ever, loving infinitely and unconditionally.

Majesty, majesty, majesty.

Glorified and purified.

I will purify them. drawn them in and My love, a new fire burning in them will purify, purify: by My love, not punishment they know they deserve but by My love, My infinite love, love, love.  And I AM majesty.

And they will finally know Me. They will be free, free in Me; My glory will rest on them and
My light shine through them as never before.

I will be known throughout the earth.  I will go into the dry places and My Living Water will flow. There will be no place where they cannot drink of Me.

You are My fountains.  You bring the oasis of My life into the dry places and as they find Me the oasis expands, the water flows in the desert, the wasteland is refreshed, the parched land replaced by fertile soil ready to be plowed, cultivated, planted.

O, My harvest, O My kingdom harvest!  They will come to Me.  They do not know. They do not know they seek. They do not know I AM and yet I am coming for I am sending you.

Do not be discouraged. Go forward.  Extend the rod over the waters which I have set in your hand.  You already know you have no power. You can do nothing.  You cannot
cause the waters to part because you have raised the rod over the waters in obedience.  But it has never been you.  It has always been Me.  I will fulfill My promise! When you obey, I
will release My power and bring that to pass which I have called you to herald and declare.  It is My Spirit in you calling you to declare that which I desire to birth into the natural.  It already exists in the spiritual.  Declare it as I lead you as Ezekiel did over the dry bones and I will cause it to be.

How can I not bring into being that which I have purposed in heaven and that which I have had My Spirit declare through you on earth? What I declare will be, will be, will

You cannot stop it.  No one can. Do not quit.  Do not be discouraged.

My Way is not your way.  It will not look like you think.  I am about My Father’s
business.  It is the harvest for My kingdom.  Do not quit.  Obey. Obey in the small things, the smallest things, the things which seem unrelated.

Rest in Me today and  every day. Rest in Me while you walk it out.  Rejoice! Let worship and thanksgiving be ever on your lips.

I AM.  I AM.  I AM.  Majesty, majesty, majesty, majesty.

My Spirit goes forth over all the earth!

Remember the story of Moses.  Pattern yourself after the story of Moses. Remember the burning bush.  This is your bush. This is a holy place.  Move with the pillar of cloud and fire of My Spirit.  They are ready to follow you – those who I have ordained to follow.  You will lead them out but you must be pressed in tightly to Me, not questioning, not looking
behind at them- I have them.  Follow, follow – eyes on ME!

Majesty, majesty, majesty.

Know Me.

Holy.  All-powerful.

Majesty.  Majesty.

Lead them in praise in all circumstances.  Lead by example, always worshipping regardless of what you see around you.

Majesty, majesty, majesty.

Worship Me; Worship Me more.

I am calling them in.  I desire to set them free. You are the lamp for the Light of My Spirit and I will lead you into dark, hopeless, dry places.   Never forget you are there not because you are rejected, forgotten or set aside, but because I trust you, I love you, I choose you My child, My soldier, I choose you to be My Light, the reflection of My Son, the truth as the stars and the moon.  Not by your power or effort but by My Spirit and your heart to obey I will reveal Myself to them and though it seem to tarry, though the storms be many and the effort seem failed, My Word will not return  Me void.  What I have said I will do, I will do, and faith, love and joy will spring forth and there will be a garden where the wilderness was.

You will bring My life wherever you go.  You will not even know My effect through you.  You do not need to.  Keep going.  Keep going.  I am with you.

Majesty, majesty, majesty.  I am greater than you imagine.

Rest in Me.

And when they had walked through the parted sea, and made their way through the wilderness with complete dependency on My provision for everything, I brought them into the Promised Land where they would do the greatest work for Me – not by their power, but by My power flowing through them and bringing victory.

I will have the land back.  They will know Me. And you will be My people and I will be Your God.

I am calling them back.  Rest in Me. March forward obeying, following where I lead. Declare what I desire through you. Be My love, be My refreshing.  Partner with Me in prayer and walk out the work and I will give victory.  Claim the ground every step that you take for Me.  It is Mine.  I desire it and I will honor what My Spirit declares through you.

Majesty, majesty, majesty

Almighty, Sovereign


Love unending, unchanging

Calling, calling, calling


I AM. Breathe Me in.

Rest in Me. You have nothing to do but adore, rejoice, revel and obey.

Breathe Me in

Breathe free

Exhale joy

Exhale peace

the time of worship music had ended and with it, His prophetic word.  Humbly written down as “heard” and submitted by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro, Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Keep Climbing

by Elizabeth Burgard Fulgaro (c) 2011

The victory of  the cross was at the top of the hill.  Jesus could have been crucified on flat land (it would have made it a lot easier to carry the cross).  But God ordained Him to carry His cross – broken as He was – to the mountaintop.

In the Old Testament before the temple in Jerusalem was built, it was to the mountaintop
God called His people to come to worship Him.  It is where His Presence rested.

Was this because the top of the mountain was somehow a better place to worship or because God couldn’t manifest intimately anywhere else?

Certainly not, for we know God is omni-present in all places at the same time.  Then why did He call them to climb up to worship?  Why did He ordain Jesus to climb up to die for His victory over death.

We may never know definitively until we can ask God face to face in heaven.   Certainly His ways are far beyond our understanding precisely because He is God.

But could it be specifically because of the climb?  God loves all of us, but comes most intimately with favor, protection and provision, strategy to those who seek Him, who pursue relationship with Him and do not let any obstacle stop them from seeking more.  Is it because He knows in the climb we will develop the spiritual muscle needed to stand for Him in the battles to come for our battles at their root are not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of darkness in the heavenly realms?

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’  Jer. 33:3 (NIV)

‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’  Eph. 6:12 (NIV)

So don’t stop climbing.  Persevere.  Know whatever your present difficulties He is with you and if you don’t quit you will be blessed beyond measure at the increased overview and closeness to Him you will receive at each new outlook point along the journey  on your way to the summit.     Wherever the path takes you, no matter how many monotonous,  seemingly meaningless, unexpected switch-backs , remember He does everything with purpose; He is with you; He leads. He will never leave you or forsake you and promises to use all things for good when you look back and consider them in light of eternity (and His plans of restoration of the world).   Our God is Truth.  He cannot lie.  Keep going!

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